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Q: Peter and His Wonder Team
I have been tracking these 2 companies for months. I had come to the conclusion that ANDE would be a more reliable investment going forward for the long term. To my surprise in the last month FDP went up 25% and ANDE has declined about the same. Please give me your thoughts on which company has a better prognosis. Thank you...your perspectives are always helpful.

Read Answer Asked by Ernest on July 08, 2022

Q: Peter and His Wonder Team
Please give your assessment of this company going forward. The price is cheap and I am thinking it might be a good long term contrarian play...even with inflation we have to eat. How risky would a buy be...better to wait for a lower price...I see we are now officially in a bear market...are we getting near the bottom? Thanks as always...your opinions are always valued.

Read Answer Asked by Ernest on June 14, 2022

Q: Looking to add to staples. 1. Currently have COST and would be willing to add - at what price? 2. Please advise which Food and Beverage staples you would recommend based GARP/ total return. 3. For personal services, again on GARP/ total return how would you advise. Names listed simply for illustrative purposes, please advise with rationale for selection.
Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by sam on March 16, 2022
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