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Q: CTC.A: I notice that you are not a fan of this company? Well, I looked at the 30 year graph this am., and, all I can say is: I wish I had bought it way back then. I did buy it in 2020 for $96.00. Always wanted to own, but always seemed expensive. I did this exercise for all my "dividend grower" stocks which make up the core of my investments (including all the banks which I own); and guess what? The graphs go up from left to right - so, my returns are huge without including all the dividends which I reinvested.
I'd love an analysis to support your negative view please. Look, will the internet and ordering on-line I can see why you might thing this way; however, CTC just keeps chugging along.

Read Answer Asked by James on June 07, 2022

Q: Performance of these two has been vastly different this year with the common up 54% and the A shares 8%. There was an event in early Nov. that caused the common to leap, what was it? As far as I know the A's have a coattail provision, a rumoured takeover causing shares to surge some years ago also. What is your outlook for this pair going forward?

Read Answer Asked by Jeff on December 17, 2021
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