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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I am retired and looking to deploy some cash. Could you provide your top 5 dividend companies in Canada and US with some growth potential as well?

Read Answer Asked by Timothy on April 08, 2024
Q: I'M in my retirement years and have accumulated about 28% in Financial sector, which is over what your Portfolio Analysis suggested (12%). Could u give me a ranking of 1 (least prefer) to 5 (most prefer) in terms of Price Growth and Dividend growth Take as many credits as you see fit. Thank you
Read Answer Asked by DAVID on March 19, 2024
Q: I have partial psitions in these Financial stocks. Would you add to the Financial sector at this stage? I have full positions in large Canadian banks. Which from my list or any others that you like would you be comfortable adding to full positions. Please rank those that you would be comfortable adding to full positiond today and target buy prices for any others that you still like.
Happy New Year and thanks.
Read Answer Asked by sam on January 01, 2024
Q: Hi,
Looking to start a position in this group. All of these businesses seem very solid and their performance shows over time. How would you rank these based on future revenue and earnings growth, current valuations, high ROIC, largest moat, etc... Looking for a long term hold and best compounder 10+ yrs. Looking to buy the best one or two names. Thanks!
Read Answer Asked by Keith on September 22, 2023
Q: Hi Peter and team:
Thank you for the advice you have offered all these time, giving us readers a sense of direction.
I'm a retiree and looking for a balance of income and growth, and currently holding the above in the financial sector and need to trim down as per the Portfolio tracking service suggest. Could u rank your preference from the Income and growth , from Most Prefer (5) to the least (1). Feel free to add names not in the list above.
Deduct as many points as you see fit. Thank you as always
Thank you
Read Answer Asked by DAVID on August 21, 2023
Q: Hello Peter & Team: I am trying to trim down my financial holdings as I am spreading too thin, I'm currently retired and would like income with growth potential with 3 -5 years holdings time frame . Which of the above is most prefer to least prefer, and why.
Thank you for your great service , as always.
Read Answer Asked by DAVID on June 21, 2023
Q: Hi, I have a 2.5% position in SCHW (down 25%) and am looking to sell while keeping exposure to the financial sector.

MKTX and CME score highly on my evaluations and others listed are pretty decent too. Curious on your thoughts on a suitable, safe replacement.

This is in my LIRA and I'm looking to hold for 10+ years (was also the case for SCHW, but I'm concerned wrt their exposure from their long term bonds).
Read Answer Asked by Cameron on April 19, 2023
Q: I believe part of Lorraine’s Aug 24 question was about the NEO exchange itself, and whether it is investible as a company in its own right (apart from the question about buying MSFT on NEO)
NEO was acquired by CBOE Global Markets recently. CBOE does trade publicly but on the BATS exchange. Hope it is Ok to mention this.
I would love for 5i to do a review of the various N.A. exchanges sometime and rank them as investments.
I owned Archipelgo back in the day, and have held X for a long time. Exchanges seem to be good long term investments. Which U.S. exchange would 5i favour at this point, if it were to choose only one?
Read Answer Asked by john on August 29, 2022
Q: Please rank in terms of (1) growth potential 3-5 years, (2) risk (lowest first), and (3) percentage allocation recommended for risk tolerant investor
Read Answer Asked by sam on January 11, 2021
Q: What are your thoughts about these companies, aiming for dividend growth and capital apreciation. Do you suggests any alternatives with similar strategy and sector?
Read Answer Asked by Clayton on October 29, 2020
Q: Odlum Brown has just recommended to sell CME and replace it with BLK. Seems like an odd time to sell CME as my understanding is that the recent increased volatility should be good for it, which is likely why it is actually up over the recent period!!

BLK also looks good, especially after its recent pull back.

I currently have 2% of my portfolio in CME but do not have BLK.

Would 5i support holding CME and initiating in BLK or does it seem reasonable to exit CME on its recent strength and pick up some BLK? I have 15% of my portfolio in financials at the moment.

Read Answer Asked by Cameron on November 23, 2018
Q: I want to buy a half position in a US financial investment services company for a US dollar registered account. Please rank the following for potential capital gain with medium risk accepted. CME,IBKR,AMTD,SCHW,ETFC.
Please explain your rational.
Thanks, Tim.
Read Answer Asked by tim on February 16, 2018
Q: Hello Peter and Ryan,
I was thinking of putting money in CME, SQ, GS, GMP (toronto), XAU(toronto), and MOGO(toronto) as a means of getting myself started on investing in bitcoin. Any comments? Lastly, when a company like CMED is reluctant for a takeover, does this normally imply the company is looking for more money on the table or feels it can do it on its own? I know that is a speculative question but in general as it seems CMED is not backing down. Thanks very much.
Read Answer Asked by umedali on December 11, 2017