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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: The listed companies each carry about a 1% weighing in my portfolio. There are no tax implications and I am positive on all of these. I am trying to reduce my overall holdings to about 25. I believe each company has its merits but I will never hit a home run with such a small investment. Can you advise which ones you would keep and consolidate or perhaps suggest something else to put all of the proceeds toward.

Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Marty on June 22, 2021

Q: I seems to me that LNF is (or has been in the 6 months I've owned) more volatile than any of my other holdings, going up or down frequently as much as 2 - 3% on a daily basis, and often in the absence of news.
What might cause this? I have no particular concerns (unless you tell me I should have <g>) and am not considering selling, but am curious.
Is it because of their small size/market cap, relative to my other holdings (banks, BCE, Telus, Enbridge . . . ), because their shares are relatively thinly traded, or something else? It's almost enough to make one sell on the up days and rebuy on the down days, since they're so close together time-wise and so far apart price-wise . . . just kidding!

Read Answer Asked by Lotar on June 16, 2021

Q: I have a half position and am in the process of building a full position in Leon's....just read the article (thanks David) about the 300% tariff on furniture sourced from China and Vietnam. I have gone to Leon's website, trying to get a feel for the potential impact on Leon's and could not find the information I need....hoping your sources and search engines are better.

What percentage of LNF is based on furniture?
What % of furniture is impacted by these initial tariff rates (% sourced from China and Vietnam)?
What is the likelihood of the final tariffs being similar to these initial ones?
What is the overall impact on Leon's and their business model going forward (when you net it all down, does the tariff have a significant impact on their overall business)?

Thanks for you help...Steve

Read Answer Asked by Stephen on June 02, 2021

Q: What 5 stocks (Can and US) now in the bargain bin seem most likely to turn out to be gems in 2 or 3 years time? Much of the market seems very expensive at an uncertain time.

Read Answer Asked by Robert on May 26, 2021

Q: What are the 5 top Canadian value stock to buy for the next 5 years.
Thanks Larry

Read Answer Asked by Larry on May 19, 2021

Q: As I write this, Friday mid afternoon, all of the markets are sharply higher. Gains seem to be pretty much across the board. I like to look at outliers that are bucking the trend. There are a few stocks that you have been optimistic about that are actually down today. Wondering if any of these are not as favoured by the market, given their performance today. Perhaps issues with recent results. Understanding that you can't read too much into one day's trading, but several of these have dropped quite a bit lately, and I'm wondering what your current feelings would be on buying these today for a long term hold in a diversified portfolio. Would you give each a rating from 1 to 10 as to how strongly you would want each of these in a portfolio? BYD, CSU, CTS, DOO, DND, ENGH, LNF, PBH, REAL, STC.

Read Answer Asked by Dan on May 17, 2021

Q: I hope all is well. Given the current market conditions are there any stocks that in your educated and experienced opinion that look to be just too cheap? Any suggestions for stink bids on some as well? I realize you do not have a crystal ball. Thanks so much. Dan

Read Answer Asked by Dan on May 14, 2021

Q: Non-registered account with goal of primarily dividend income has done quite well, with all of the noted holdings nicely in positive territory. In hind sight MG and SYZ would have been in a registered account. SYZ is up 63%, MG 24%.
Overall account yield is currently 3.8%. Would prefer it closer to 5%
Need some help with this "good problem". Take capital gain now and move into yieldier positions, or let running stocks run and deal with bigger gain in future?
If I move out of some of the growthier stocks, which div payers minimum 3% yield to move into?
Overall portfolio diversification is pretty decent, and diversification within this account does not have to be perfect - dividend security within this account is more important.


Read Answer Asked by Jim on May 04, 2021

Q: Hello 5i team,

According to portfolio analytics, I am underweight in Consumer Staples and Consumer Discretionary as well as US exposure. I am a growth investor with a long-term horizon. This is for a TFSA.

In Consumer Staples I hold ATD.B and PBH and was thinking of adding COST.US.

In Consumer Discretionary I have ATZ, BOYD, DOO, LULU.US and was thinking of adding MG and possibly LNF.

Could you suggest some Canadian and US names for both Staples and Discretionary that would compliment my existing holdings?

Thanks for your advice.

Read Answer Asked by Stefan on May 03, 2021

Q: Good morning 5i
I am planning to add one stock to a fairly conservative portfolio with the aim of reasonable growth on a three year time frame at a fair valuation. I have narrowed my thoughts down to four names; Leons (LNF), Power (POW), ATS Automation (ATA) and Magna International (MG).
Please comment and could you give a ranking for growth (10 highest) and risk (10 greatest).
Thank you, David

Read Answer Asked by David on April 29, 2021

Q: Considering investing in these six companies equally. Is there any you would not recommend? Please list in order of preference.

Read Answer Asked by ed on April 23, 2021

Q: Retired, dividend-income investor. I own the following Cons Staples = NWC, PBH, PLC, as well as I am building a Cons Discretionary position in Leon's.

I am looking for another Disc stock. I remember seeing a related question on this a few days ago, but couldn't find it. What are your favorites right now for me to do further research on? I must admit I lean towards value stocks, as I have difficulty in buying something that has already had a good run.

Could you give me 3 Discretionary names on the conservative side and 3 on the more aggressive speculative names. If we can't find a suitable Discretionary stock, I might add another Staple name, like possibly ADW (it is listed as a Staple, which is absolutely true in our household, but it could be Discretionary...compared with food). Could you therefore give me 3 Staple names that might fit well with my existing Consumer holdings? So, I need 9 names, if possible. The cash available is in my TFSA, so while a dividend is nice it is not imperative.

Thanks for your help...much appreciated...Steve

Read Answer Asked by Stephen on April 01, 2021

Q: Of the above mentioned stocks, which would you choose as a current buy with the most growth potential.
Thanks 5i I am so grateful for your excellent service.

Read Answer Asked by Cathy on April 01, 2021