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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: please provide the forward P/E for MSFT AMZN INTU and MCO and also provide the respective PEG ratios for these companies and rank from best to last for capital appreciation over the next 3 years thanks Richard

Read Answer Asked by richard on February 27, 2023

Q: I have asked questions about core portfolio and compounders. I would like to refine my query to building a concentrated core portfolio [say, 20 CAD-USD total]. I start with the allocations greater than 5% in the 3 portfolios. BN is less than 5% on its own, yet, I wonder whether it would not be the core Canadian financial stock. As for US, there are many Fav lists, but could you boil it down to 10. For each stock, please provide key rationale for choosing it and a target buy price.
Much appreciated,

Read Answer Asked by sam on February 24, 2023

Q: Please provide your top five Canadian and top five U.S companies that you consider to have superior pricing power. Thanks

Read Answer Asked by Greg on November 16, 2022

Q: Am wondering which of these stocks are vulnerable to climbing interest rates. For the vulnerable ones, would you please advise at what point you would consider reducing or selling them. Also, a strategy on when and how to do such an assessment would be instructive.

Thanks for your great advice. Most of your subscribers say this regularly, but they probably really mean it ! If it weren't for 5i, I'd still be holding a bag of mutual funds not knowing how big my losses were.

Whatever number of credits works

ConsCyc US:NIO
Enrgy CPX
Enrgy AQN
FinSvcs RY
FinSvcs US:V
FinSvcs SLF
FinSvcs US:MCO
FinSvcs GSY
FinSvcs BNS
FinSvcs US:BAM
FinSvcs US:JPM
Tech KXS
Tech US:U
Telco BCE
Telco T
Util CU

Read Answer Asked by TOM on October 08, 2021

Q: Hello Team,

I have held BLK and MCO for about 1 1/2 years and my total returns as of now, are 83% and 77%, respectively. I have a feeling that the easy money has already been made on these 2 stocks and therefore should put my money on something else.
May I please have your comments on these companies going forward and your thoughts on what I plan on doing, would be appreciated.

Read Answer Asked by Harry on June 29, 2021

Q: I bought MSCI in 2018 mostly for its recurring revenue and ability to set its prices. It has been a steady grower. Do you expect this to continue or has it reached a plateau? Does it have meaningful competition yet? If I sell to buy an ARK fund, am I taking on a lot more risk? Thank you. Hi, I just asked a Q about MSCI. Another option I am considering is to sell MSCI to buy MCO to capture some higher growth that may happen in this investing climate. Should I switch or hold steady? Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Gayle on February 26, 2021

Q: In rebalancing just before the coronavirus and oil correction I find my self in a 27% cash position. { 18% American and 9% Canadian } . In following 5I's advice I decided to weigh in slowly. And am mostly looking at 5I's list of 10 stocks to purchase. First purchase JPM for a 4.6% position. Two days later and another large correction. I hadn't planned on another purchase this quickly but SLF { for a 3.5% position } is looking attractive at this price as the yield has reached 4.3%. CAE is also on my list but I think waiting and observing market reaction might be prudent on this one ..... My question is .... Should I be shopping by price entry points on stocks I like or by treating the market as a whole and wading in by observing and making my judgements on volatility ? I guess the question is stock versus stock market ? Also in a question this morning I got the impression 5I gave the edge to MOC over X . X is on my short list as well but with US cash to deploy MCO is tempting as well. Am I correct in my assumption you like MCO a little better in this sector ?

Read Answer Asked by Garth on March 12, 2020

Q: Hi Team,

What are you thoughts about Financial data and stock exchanges stocks. They are holding up quite well and will have less impact from the interest rate cuts and financial meltdowns. Which one would you recommend from the 4 companies listed at current valuation.


Read Answer Asked by Ninad on March 11, 2020

Q: While I know your focus is not US companies, I have US funds to deploy for a longer-term, relatively conservative position. The outlooks for Moody's, Hyatt Hotels and VISA all seem to be positive stories to me. Considering their current prices along with other factors, which of the three would you consider the best prospect and why. If you could name your '2nd place finisher', that would also be appreciated.

Read Answer Asked by James on November 22, 2019