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Q: I have many loosers but I am asking for big loosers only.
Tax loss is ok but it is also capital loss,confused but unable to decide,your opinion is highly valued and appreciated.I had high hope in TCN AS RENTS ARE GOING UP but loosing lot.

Read Answer Asked by Nizar on November 04, 2022

Q: Except for Apple I'm down 40% in the others. Time to sell and wait or hang on for the long term?
I bought Apple at $126 so still good.


Read Answer Asked by Austin on September 30, 2022

Q: NIO reported for July 2022 a 26.7% increase of electric vehicle deliveries over July 2021, plus a 22% cumulative increase for 2022 over 2021.
For China, NIO has installed 1,047 power swap stations as of end July 2022.
I think it has to be able to complete SEC filing which seems to mean an independent auditor.
The stock price has dropped by 2/3rds from a high of USD 66.
If the SEC issue is resolved, would you expect the stock to jump significantly?
What other concerns hold back the stock to grow?
Would you hang on to this stock until the SEC issue is clarified, or take the loss now and move on ? I don't mind waiting it out if there is reasonable hope for the stock to bounce.

Read Answer Asked by TOM on August 08, 2022
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