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Q: I am heavy into Tech with most weight in NVDA @ Avg. of $222. All good stocks/COs...Should I be worried? About which ones?
Many Thanks!

Read Answer Asked by Austin on September 28, 2023

Q: Hi 5i,

May I please have your current thoughts on EV makers other than Tesla (which I already own)?
Are companies such as Rivian, Lucid, BYD, Nio etc. (or any others you can suggest) worth investing in as a stock?
Multiple questions here, but if you could give a brief breakdown of the more viable companies and their investment merits (or not) that would be great.


Read Answer Asked by Brian on July 05, 2023

Q: I know you don't cover Chinese stocks and this one is quite volatile. But can you please advise if this stock exhibits any other signs of distress that might indicate it is possible for it to reach bankruptcy. Would you say that its balance sheet is over-leveraged, is there a worrying amount of insider sales, or other things that you would deem worrysome?
Thank you for any info you can provide, I really appreciate it.

Read Answer Asked by TOM on May 02, 2023
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