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Q: What do you think of airbnb and uber? i use both companies a lot and like them.

Can you give me your thoughts on each in terms of: valuation, growth prospects, how they stack up to peers, and how good the ROE is?

Would you say one is better than the other? I assume they are both pretty GDP sensitive w/how much travel and leisure spending impacts them
Read Answer Asked by Max on June 17, 2024
Q: Can you please list in order your top 5 Canadian and top 5 US stocks in order based on conviction? Please also list a management rating, 10 being the highest.
Time frame 5+ years
Read Answer Asked by Nick on June 03, 2024
Q: My current exposure to the US market is through, ZQQ, VFV, VUN, VGG, and GOOG, AMZN, CVS, and BRK CDR’s. I would like to increase my US weighting and have CAD$150,000 to invest and am considering dividing this into equal amounts in V, MA, UNH, PFE, ADBE, and MSFT. Your thoughts on this approach and any other suggestions (5+ year holding period). Thanks!
Read Answer Asked by Don on June 03, 2024
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