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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Of the above mentioned stocks, would you please list in order of first to last which would you recommend today. Also a brief explanation as to why you chose the first and the last. Thanks Ö Cal

Read Answer Asked by cal on January 31, 2022

Q: Hi Peter, Ryan, and Team,

In reviewing our combined family TFSA portfolio, Iíve determined that we hold too much XST with its 0.61% MER. How would you rank the following stocks, which are all the constituents of XST? ATD.B, L, MRU, WN, SAP, EMP.A, PBH, PRMW, MFI, NWC, JWEL, VFF, and SOY.

Should I pay attention to the TMX ratings where WN, MFI, and VFF are considered strong buys? Only NWC was ranked as hold and all the others were moderate buys.

In your opinion, in what order could two or three of these constituents be purchased and are they buyable today?

Thanks as always for your valued advice!

Read Answer Asked by Jerry on November 19, 2021

Q: If you had to pick a food staple long term hold which would you pick from the examples or other suggestions welcome.

Read Answer Asked by Kolbi on November 18, 2021

Q: Good morning. Watching Saputo ease after recent annual reporting. Encouraging that there didn't appear to be much news slippage prior to the release.

Interested to know what the current forward p/e estimates are for some of the consumer defensive names including SAP, L, WN, PBH, HLF and MFI.

Also could you please rank in terms of estimated dividend growth going forward - best to least.

Thanks so much!

Read Answer Asked by Richard on June 09, 2021

Q: There was a restructuring of Loblaws/G Weston back a while ago - can you please explain the changes. I held L and received WN shares. Can you please also direct me to the details for calculating ACB related to this. On a related note, what are the prospects for WN in the current environment - should I top up my WN or sell and buy more L?
Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Benjamin on April 14, 2020

Q: Hi, I hold full positions in ATD, L, and PBH. My PBH is down about 20%, however, and I have a small position in WN as a result of the spin-off.

I need to increase my consumer defensive and am debating whether to bring WN up to a full position or average down on PBH. I know you aren't a fan of averaging down and you also aren't a fan of holding very small positions so I'm leaning toward adding to WN.

Your thoughts?


Read Answer Asked by Robert on May 09, 2019

Q: Hi,
I have approx 10% weight in these in a long term RRSP following your porfolios(Only 1% WN as spin off)
I have about $!0,000 to add. What are your thoughts?
Add to a few laggards or add new?

Read Answer Asked by Paul on March 08, 2019

Q: I had a half position in Loblaws before the Weston spinout, so now I have a tiny position in Wn. I'd welcome your thoughts as to how best to proceed. Do I dump Wn and build L to a full position or fill out Wn to a second half position?

(Supplemental info: If you looked at my full portfolio, you would likely say I am rather long on banks and utilities and short on consumer stocks, though I do have some ATD.b and ADW.a. However, I am about to retire, so I am keen on fairly reliable dividends.)

Read Answer Asked by Dave on November 13, 2018