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Investment Q&A

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Q: I was looking at a list of your past picks that haven't been mentioned for awhile but they seem to be doing quite well. In fact, they have as good a track record as some of the US stocks you mentioned recently. Mastercard which I own is under water over the past year, I am thinking of selling it and the above 2 look like good replacements. Preferably, ZS. Do you still pay attention to these 2?

Read Answer Asked by Dennis on August 30, 2021

Q: Hello

which one of these companies is better from a growth perspective.

Also, with ransomware and corporate hacking being the new frontier for all CIO's and IT Managers, which 2 companies, in your opinion, have the edge with their technology and I can add these to my portfolio.

Thank you,


Read Answer Asked by Rajesh on August 25, 2021

Q: Do you know of a company (listed on the stock market)that is selling Cyber Security software in Canada or USA.

Read Answer Asked by Ernie on July 28, 2021

Q: I am trying to decide which one of these cybersecurity companies to buy if I have to choose one. Alternatively, is there an ETF focusing on this narrow segment of the market you would recommend?
Your insight is much appreciated, Peter

Read Answer Asked by Peter on December 18, 2020

Q: Good afternoon,

The technology portion of my portfolio has grown too large (about 37%) and Im trying to figure out how to get it back to about 25%? My issue is that Im interested in too many tech options (I.e., the ones that I own plus others Id like to buy). Im looking for suggestions on which I should sell, add to or replace by buying a better option. Some were initiated with half positions that went down and some full positions grew so the proportions all over the place. I have a long time horizon and many are held in a registered account (except SHOP and NVDA). I own: KXS (3.5%), CSU (3.8%), SHOP (2.7%), PHO (<1%), ZS (3.3%), TEAM (1%), NVDA (6.1%), AAPL (11%), MSFT (4.6%) and Im interested in buying REAL, DOCU and GOOG. Id like to own what are viewed as solid tech companies for future innovation and growth and Im willing to add, remove or replace any of these companies.

I also need to add materials and REITs to my portfolio since I currently have no holdings in these. Ill use my tech trimmings to add to these sectors. Suggestions of top companies for these two sectors would also be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks for all the great work and suggestions you provide,

Read Answer Asked by Lisa on September 08, 2020

Q: Kim Bolton on Market Call had 2 charts one for Cloud Consumer and Cloud Producer.
Cloud Consumer Stocks
Cloud Producer Stocks

Can you please suggest 5 top picks from Consumer and producer in order which one would you suggest has Little or No DEBT and good management.

Thanks for the great service

Read Answer Asked by Hector on June 16, 2020

Q: Hello Team, Considering the strength and outlook, would you prefer to Add to ZS or you see better opportunities - AAPL, FB, AYX, ROKU, NOW that had dropped in price but offer better risk reward. I own all of these but wanted to add money to 1 or 2. ( without sector consideration) . Thanks

Read Answer Asked by RUPINDER on April 03, 2020

Q: Hello 5i,
Could you please rank these cyber security companies for growth and moderate risk.
Also what would your favorite name in the space be if not listed.
Thank you so much for all you do!!

Read Answer Asked by Dave on December 16, 2019

Q: Palo Alto has identified Zscaler as their competition and ripped the company somewhat on an earnings call. The CEO of Zscaler fired back on CNBC with comments such as the below. My question is whether this is a buy with potential based on your knowledge and comments below. It has gone from nearly $90 to $51 in a few months despite seemingly doing well.

"Zscaler, which came public in the first half of 2018, offers cloud security software for IT professionals to monitor network traffic and protect data. The company surprised analyst estimates by turning a small profit in four straight quarters.

Revenue grew by more than 53% in its July quarter and is expected to near $90 million in the current quarter, according to FactSet.

The market is coming to us. Were seeing a lot of growth, Chaudhry said. We crossed 400 off the Global 2,000 companies as our customers, so [we are] very bullish about the opportunity.

Read Answer Asked by Tim on September 24, 2019