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Q: I'm seeking an ETF to help with disruptive technologies.

I have mostly banks, REIT's, and other dividend paying stocks. Less in
technology, health care though I have a few ETF's covering the space.

What I don't have are ETF's that would protect against a possible
decline in my positions: such as disruptive financial stocks (such as
ARKF) and emerging internet, cybersecurity for example. I have very
little knowledge ion these areas but they could well be important
going forward, as a minority position (maybe 5 - 10% of my portfolio).


Read Answer Asked by John on June 28, 2021

Q: Hello
Thinking of retiring and drawing the dividends from our RRSP to replace income from employment until age 71.
Would it make sense to sell the first 4 mentioned and buy only EQL.
This move would give us $5,000. more yearly income from dividends (before taxes).
I mentioned selling VIG because of the currency variability and EQL pays a higher dividend..
We would still maintain growth ETFs like IWO, ICLN, KWEB, PSCH etc.
Thank you for your time.

Read Answer Asked by Mike on March 09, 2021
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