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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Looking for 10+ "steady compounders" CAD and US for long-term portfolio core and could you provide a short comment on why you like it and risks.
Thank you

Read Answer Asked by sam on August 31, 2022

Q: Hi, could I please have your opinion about Alithya for a growth stock in a TFSA. If not that interesting in your opinion, which stock has more potential with similar level of risk ? Thank you

Read Answer Asked by anthony on June 02, 2021

Q: I am 60 years old, and I don't need the upcoming major problems that the world central banks are creating lead to the destruction of my retirement. So I am diversifying.

I currently hold the traditional Canadian dividend paying stocks, growing exposure to Emerging market ETF's, Gold bullion / ETF, commodity stocks, Infrastructure / Renewable Energy via the Brookfields, a few big name US stocks, and now entering the crypto world.

Here is my question: I read a recent article on Cathie Wood - CEO of Ark Invest. She claims:

"Seeded during the tech and telecom bubble more than 20 years ago, the five main platforms of innovation that we think will transform the global economy are: DNA sequencing, robotics, energy storage, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology. These involve 14 technologies including gene therapies, 3D printing, cloud computing, big data analytics, and cryptocurrencies."

I already have a pension from a Robotics-related company, and I am investing in crypto. Do you have any recommendations for anything else from what she mentioned, in which you would share her outlook? I have both CAD and USD accounts. Could be company or ETF - big or small.


Read Answer Asked by James on January 05, 2021

Q: Which companies you think are leading in quantum computing technology.

Read Answer Asked by Vinod on May 11, 2020

Q: I am considering selling my shares in ENB and using the funds to top up my holding in BAH. What are your thoughts on this move?
This would be in a registered fund. There is no tax loss advantage. I am interested in total return whether it be dividend or capital gain over the next 2-3 years.

Read Answer Asked by Elliott on March 31, 2020

Q: What US stocks is 5i staff currently buying and why?

Read Answer Asked by Marco on March 24, 2020

Q: Believe it or not one of the key benefits of 5i is your amazing growth ideas in the US market. Although SHOP, LSPD, CSU have given me excellent returns to date your choices in the US market like AYX, TEAM, etc have been outstanding.

So my question today is, have you uncovered any other promising US gems that are growth oriented a la TEAM and AYX ,recently, that might not have been mentioned on this Q&A section as of yet.

If yes, Please share and thank you.


Read Answer Asked by Sheldon on August 22, 2019