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Q: My TFSA, holds my riskier investments and is 3 % of my total registered and non-registered accounts. I am looking at adding one of these two for a weighting of 25 % within my TFSA, so total allocation of this ETF to all accounts would be less than 1 %.

What is the difference between them and which is more appropriate? Thanks. Derek.

Read Answer Asked by Derek on June 01, 2023

Q: So after listening to Josh Brown interview Ric Edelman this ETF was discussed and seems timely. Would appreciate your views on Mr Edelman who sounds plugged in to what the future may deliver (he does however predict the downfall of Alphabet which isn't the base case of many - you included). That aside wondering about this ETF and your current opinion on whether it's buyable. Given the possibilities of AI, robotics, potential developments in medical science and treatment - all things that may fascinate but about which many of us have very limited understanding or vision about - might you characterize this holding in an appropriate portion as a smart piece of an overall portfolio that provides investors with exposure to future areas of potentially exponential growth - and perhaps your take on this ETF vs the ARK ETFs re valuation, risk and holdings comparisons - appreciate your viewpoint.

Read Answer Asked by Ken on April 25, 2023

Q: Hi All at 5i!
I am giving my portfolio a spring cleaning. I have Arkk, Apps and Unity software, all of which are down significantly. I do not need the money and can hold these for at least 5 years. Is there hope for any of them should the market start performing better or are there inherent problems with them and should I just let them go . Your opinion is highly valued. Cheers, Tamara

Read Answer Asked by Tamara on April 13, 2023
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