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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I hold 13% of my non-registered account in energy and utilities, spread across the following stocks, with a focus on long-term income.

Would you suggest any consolidations or removal of any of these positions?

AQN, 9.70% of total, 3% gain
CU, 4.78% of total, 3% gain
ENB, 21.43% of total, 31% gain
EPD, 7.50% of total, 2% gain
FTS, 8.14% of total, 1% gain
KMI, 7.54% of total, 6% gain
PXT, 7.19% of total, 15% gain
SPB, 8.48% of total, 3% loss
TPZ, 4.19% of total, 8% gain
TRP, 4.86% of total, 11% gain
WMB, 4.63% of total, 10% gain
ZWU, 11.55% of total, flat

Thanks as always for your excellent work! Aaron

Read Answer Asked by Aaron on March 02, 2022

Q: Hi,

I need a good dividend energy stock, with some growth, and limited volatility, for the next couple years? Can you give me 2 of your favourite CDN and 2 US picks?

Read Answer Asked by Graeme on January 06, 2022

Q: Can you give me a list of 5 Canadian and 5 US stocks that you would recommend with yields above 3%.

Read Answer Asked by Cory on September 16, 2021

Q: Hi, as a retired couple looking for US div. Co.s for income and safety, please list from best to worst and those not to buy or your own preferred picks, thankyou

Read Answer Asked by Peter on September 15, 2021

Q: I raised a fair bit of cash in my RIF as the Covid madness marched on. I think I would like to buy USDollars with probably 1/2 the cash and buy some US dividend paying stocks. I need the income and Iím very concerned that this current government is going to cripple ( if not destroy) our economy..
Iím looking at stocks like Verizon, but what would you suggest?
Thanks for the great work!

Read Answer Asked by Robert on June 15, 2020

Q: Hey 5i,

Incredible stuff here. Thank you.
Looking for some confirmation.
With relative balance between growth and dividend stocks.
US listed inside an RRSP. Longterm holding. Looking to buy slowly on this wild ride or if and when it plummets.
Could you recommend a starter bundle 8-10 stocks.

Thanks again!

Read Answer Asked by Adam on May 01, 2020

Q: 5i's - Looking for a low beta low PE defensive US pipeline stock - found this one which had a precipitous drop in stock price this year - 3 questions - why the drop - is this one a defensive place to invest in that sector - what would you recommend (one or two stocks) for US pipeline exposure with above criteria - 3 thank yous - Ken

Read Answer Asked by Ken on July 12, 2019

Q: Morning Team,
Can you recommend top 2 US pipelines with dividends please ! I have Canadian pipelines such as IPL, ENB,TRP and PPL. of all my 4 Canadian Pipelines total just over 8% of my portfolio. Thinking to add 3% of US pipelines.
Thanks as always,
Regards, Tak

Read Answer Asked by Tak on March 12, 2019

Q: Iím a little bit underwater in EXE, KMI and ALY and wondering what to do. I could keep on waiting patiently but the opportunity cost is bothering me. Should I buy more of each to lower my cost basis and then sell? I kind of think the first two were mistakes and of the three I was hoping to keep ALY, but Iíd like to know what you think of the prospects for each one (maybe just a few quick thoughts). Thanks a lot.

Read Answer Asked by Brian on May 14, 2018

Q: Hello Peter and Ryan,
Without knowing my portfolio details, I know it is hard to give advice. However, I do have a diversified portfolio and am looking to add a long term growth stock and a dividend paying stock without using my cash. I have to sell a stock and replace with another. I constantly hear good things about Spin Master. I was thinking of selling Alterra Power corp and Brookfield Business Partners and use proceeds to buy Spin Master. Does this switch make sense? Kinder morgan (aside from protests) has had good news with government approval and potential sale of their assets. However, the stock is not moving which is surprising. Is it worth holding or replace with ENB and TRP to get some growth and dividends. Lastly, Magna and Linamar have had good gains. Time to sell or let them run? Please let me know. Thanks again

Read Answer Asked by umedali on December 09, 2016

Q: I am considering buying Kinder Morgan KMI-N. Seeking Alpha has some interesting & controversial information about the Barron's article & insider buying following the publication. In doing some stock chart overlays KMI-N against WMB-N,SE-N,PAA-N,ENB-N,TRP-N,I find the yield & price discrepancy rather compelling. Your comments greatly appreciated. Ken

Read Answer Asked by Ken on March 12, 2014