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Investment Q&A

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Q: Hi,

What do you think of US energy stocks for the next two years? Is it too late to get in?

If not, which would you recommend?

Read Answer Asked by Graeme on May 04, 2021

Q: amusing oil and N/g priced stay in the current range ( +- 5%) Which of the above have most upside in share price (most first) could you comment on each briefly.

Read Answer Asked by JOSEPH on February 12, 2021

Q: While at home these past weeks, I notice a strange phenomenon that maybe you could explain. The Dow futures right before market open give a fairly good indication of the direction of the market for the day. So I thought, well hey, if you know the market is going to go down, would it be possible to sell early? Using MPC as an example, however, you can see that there in an IMMEDIATE 2 dollar drop in the share price at open. How is this possible? Why would an owner of the stock at 32 dollars one moment be willing to accept a bid of 29.91 with no intermediate prices at a large volume? Unless that seller was trying to move the market? Would like to hear your thoughts.

Read Answer Asked by Rick on May 01, 2020

Q: I assume that low oil prices will be a benefit to refiners. Which of these could benefit most from a return to air travel and cruise ship activity?

Read Answer Asked by James on April 02, 2020

Q: I bought MPC which only represents less than 2% of my assets but of course it is down 40%. Should I just hold, sell or perhaps consider buying some more or another oil recommenddation when the time is a tad more stable? It is in a RIF account, pays 6%
JPM represents 4% and has really tanked with the events and Jamie Dimons ill health. Just hold on or another recommendation when things balance out a little? Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Maureen on March 10, 2020

Q: I have both MPC and VLO. I understand that VLO is purely a refiner and not hostage to world oil prices, but MPC does have some exploration and production assets.
1. Is my understanding correct?
2. If yes, to what extent are MPC’s earnings and cash flow DEPENDANT on oil prices? I am trying to assess the extent to which MPC’s prospects are completely out of MPC’s control.
3. Are dividends well covered?
4. Is interest coverage adequate?
5. Based on your view of each of these company’s prospects going forward, is each of these companies worth holding?
6. You previously (Maureen December 9) you identified MPC as a beneficiary of the new rule requiring ships to use more refined oil. Is VLO also a beneficiary?

Read Answer Asked by Adam on January 30, 2020

Q: I am wondering if u would clarify an article I read about the refiners benefitting from a new 2020 ruling about ships having to use what is called gasoil stating in January with the implication being the refiners should benefit nicely over the next two years. Beside psx there is also the etf to consider, which would u prefer. Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Maureen on December 09, 2019

Q: What do you think of buying one or two of these companies and holding for 2 years? I own very little oil/gas. What would be your top picks of my choices or any others you'd recommend?

Read Answer Asked by Graeme on May 11, 2018

Q: I am a shareholder in Andeavor which announced this morning that it was being acquired in a friendly deal by Marathon Petroleum Corporation. I previously held shares in Western Refining that was in turn acquired by Tesoro, Andeavor's prior name, in a share deal. Marathon is offering $152 a share, payable in cash or shares. I am inclined to take the cash and run (assuming the deal clears antitrust review - note there is a large deal completion discount with Andeavor shares closing at $138 today). Do you have any thoughts on what a prudent course of action would be/would you be more inclined to take the shares or cash? (I hold the shares in a TFSA so no tax payable)

Read Answer Asked by Patrick on May 01, 2018

Q: I hold several oil and gas exploration & production (E&P) companies. On every one of them I have significant losses, as many people do. I also have two oil refiners: VLO and MPC. I am shocked to see capital gains on both. Do oil refiners not move down when oil prices go down? I didn't see CONSISTENT correlation so I suspect I may be doing something wrong. Thus I seek your insight and deep, deep thoughts. Are both these companies just refineries? Or do they have some exploration and production in their operations ?
Would you continue to hold MPC and VLO ? If you wanted to realize cash for deployment elsewhere, which one (IF ANY) would you sell-- and WHY please.
Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Adam on November 15, 2017