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Investment Q&A

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Q: Here in the Maritimes where we have regulated fuel prices, the regulators have found it necessary to substantially raise fuel prices, especially diesel and heating oil, for several days in a row. I am assuming the same is true in the rest of the country. Since crude prices have been somewhat flat recently while distillate inventories have been reported getting tight, is it a good assumption that these higher fuel cost dollars are ending up as crack spread profits to oil refiners? If so can you name your picks of companies that will be benefitting from this?

Read Answer Asked by Gary on May 02, 2022

Q: Hi,

What do you think of US energy stocks for the next two years? Is it too late to get in?

If not, which would you recommend?

Read Answer Asked by Graeme on May 04, 2021

Q: I assume that low oil prices will be a benefit to refiners. Which of these could benefit most from a return to air travel and cruise ship activity?

Read Answer Asked by James on April 02, 2020

Q: I am wondering if u would clarify an article I read about the refiners benefitting from a new 2020 ruling about ships having to use what is called gasoil stating in January with the implication being the refiners should benefit nicely over the next two years. Beside psx there is also the etf to consider, which would u prefer. Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Maureen on December 09, 2019

Q: Could you please provide name of five companies in each OIL, Gas and Mines sectors (globally including Canada and the USA) which have:
a) High Torque and
b) Medium Safety.
Should I buy them now or after the June 2018 earnings reports?
Thank you,

Read Answer Asked by KAM on April 30, 2018

Q: Hello 5i. I know you don't follow US companies but hopefully you can help me out with this one. I am looking at some refiners and narrowed it down to Valero and Philipps 66. Warren Buffet holds this company and is his 7th largest holding and has been accumulating shares throughout 2016. What do you think of the company PSX and what effect will the rising price of oil have on PSX revenue? Will rising interest rates affect it?

Read Answer Asked by pietro on January 06, 2017

Q: PHILLIPS 66 (PSX:NYSE)... I am looking for a combination of refiners for a pullback. The movement in the oil/gasoline is indicating that prices will retract again from current levels. I would like your thoughts on Phillips 66 and one other to hold for the next 12-18 moths. Consensus is looking at mid 2017 before the market really starts to get a hold of the supply side. Do you see this company able to grow revenues and possibly increase profitability?

Thank you
Jason N.

Read Answer Asked by JASON on August 02, 2016