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Q: Can you update your comments on Eastmain and the upcoming buy-out? I am a LT SH and have not done well though it appears to have a good location and gneral potential. I am looking at cashing out and rolling in to other opportunities in mining that are actually producing but have not run up with the bullion prices. It seems to me that First Majestic is well positioned to benefit from the recent silver pricing change. Any thoughts to share on that or other companies with share prices that have not risen with the rise in bullion prices, yet?
Thanks, Calvin

Read Answer Asked by Calvin on September 22, 2020

Q: Hi team,
I currently have holdings in the above companies and ETFs, and with the exception of MAG I am up between 12-90% on all of these. I am thinking that I should take some profits to reduce my exposure in the gold and silver sector.
Are there any of these that you would recommend getting out of, or would I be better to pare down my holding in each to get back to an acceptable percentage of my portfolio?
Also, if I was to hold some of these longer term, say 1-3years, can you please rank them in order of which you would recommend holding for that length of time.
thanks as always,

Read Answer Asked by Paula on September 15, 2020
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