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Q: I am interested in your view on the best strategy for selling stocks to raise cash in a non-registered account. I am looking to sell 1% of my total portfolio, and my thinking is to either A) take this out of one or both of two stocks that are the largest (each about 5%) weighting in my portfolio or B) sell my least favourite, lowest weighting, stocks (energy producers) with 3 stocks comprising 3% total weighting.

With option A) I could pare one of my largest holdings back to 4% or both of them back to 4.5%. One stock is ENB, in which I have a 30% gain and the other stock is AAPL, in which I have a 350% gain. ENB pays a 6% dividend, which I am reluctant to lose, and which benefits from the dividend tax credit. AAPL pays a 1% dividend, which is fully taxable and easier to give up, but I will have to pay a sizeable capital gains tax. I have no stocks with losses that I can sell to offset the gains. You have always advocated hanging onto winners, and both of these stocks are "winners" in a way, one for income and the other for growth.

With option B) I could sell half my energy producer holdings. I bought the energy stocks as a "lottery ticket," expecting at least a double if and when energy prices rebound. I hold CVE (up 25%), ERF (breakeven) and WCP (up 32%). They are roughly equal weight, so I could achieve my goal of selling 1% of my portfolio by selling just one of these three stocks.

Which stock(s) would you recommend I sell and why?

Read Answer Asked by David on January 22, 2020

Q: In a recent answer to a question on an oil company, you mentioned that it is hard to be optimistic on a company if you don't like the management team. So my question is, which of the management teams in the oil sector would you want to align yourself with, and why? Alternatively, which of the management teams would you not align yourself with? Please deduct as many credits as necessary to fully answer my question. Thank You.

Read Answer Asked by dean on November 22, 2019

Q: I have positions in these companies way way under my cost. Looking for a strategy to capture some tax loss without giving up completely in allocation in case of oil turnaround. Consolidation in less number of stocks that represents the best potencial is an option or selling all of them and buying two or three different companies is another option. Appreciate any suggestion. Thanks for your help.

Read Answer Asked by Saad on November 07, 2019
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