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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Hi 5i,
I'm looking to make the material sector within my portfolio better. Can you please help me by ranking these companies for me and maybe let me know if something isn't needed or something should be added to give strength and diversification. Truly appreciate your service.

Read Answer Asked by Mark on March 23, 2022

Q: Hi 5i,
I'm trying to put together a materials allocation for my portfolio that pay a dividend. These are the companies I have come up with that pay a stable dividend and appear to not have too much related business. Is more diversification needed and can you make recommendations. Also is there any better replacements for these companies I would like to have at least a two percent dividend. Thanks!

Read Answer Asked by Mark on November 01, 2021

Q: Hi, as a retired couple looking for US div. Co.s for income and safety, please list from best to worst and those not to buy or your own preferred picks, thankyou

Read Answer Asked by Peter on September 15, 2021

Q: Due to the global rubber shortage, I'm thinking it might be a decent time to enter this segment. I'd appreciate your opinion on this, and also your suggestion on which of these three companies you would suggest the most. Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Brady on July 13, 2021

Q: What is the future of Dupont? The company did acquisitions then merger then sold some business and finally split in three but company never grew? Your suggestions. Should I switch to DOW-N which I got when DWDP (DowDupont) split or APD-N which is betting on new $7-bil Hydrogen plant project?

Read Answer Asked by Piyush on June 08, 2021

Q: I owned Dowdupont and in the spinout of 2019 received shares of DOW, DD and CTVA. I originally purchased the stock with the belief that the spinout would unlock the potential of each the sum of the parts was worth more than the whole. So far, after 2 years that thesis has not played out. CTVA (the smallest of the spinouts) has performed well, DOW has been relatively flat and DD (the largest of the spinouts) has been a dog. Can you please comment on each holding and tell me if they were in your portfolio which ones are worth holding, which are best to let go and most importantly why.

Thanks for your guidance and wisdom


Read Answer Asked by Scott on March 09, 2021

Q: I owned Dow stock before it split into 3 separate companies and now I own shares in all 3. I've kept the shareholders and haven't touched them since the split. Do you prefer one of these companies over any others? I plan to add to this position (which is now 3 stocks instead of one). I am unsure if I should add to all 3, or pick the 'best' one. Can you offer some insight?

Read Answer Asked by Michael on August 25, 2020

Q: For diversifying shareholdings, would any of these companies be appropriate?
LYB, for instance, appears to be on an upward trend. Your assessment and preferred choice is appreciated.
Thank you, Team!

Read Answer Asked by Sigrid on April 29, 2020

Q: In response to the question about DowDupont's splitting into 3 entities and the subsequent tax handling, the spin out is recognized by CRA as an
Eligible spin off and you can elect to defer tax implications and restate the ACB of the 3 spin offs to accurately reflect this. Below are some links that may be of use to you.

Defering tax


Read Answer Asked by Scott on April 27, 2020

Q: Gordon Pape suggesting selling marginal companies in this environment and claim the loss. Which of the above if any would you consider marginal?

Read Answer Asked by JEFF on March 24, 2020

Q: Good afternoon,
I hold the following stocks in my business account that have a weight of between 6.2% and 8.3%. This account was started in DEC/16 and has increased by 6.7% YTD not including dividends. I want to add six more stocks to further diversify while reducing the percentage per equity down to between 4 and 5%.

My goal is to generate income equal to the amount of corporate tax payable annually. I looks like this can be achievable!

Let me know if I need to share dollar values to help access.



Read Answer Asked by raymond on June 28, 2017