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Q: Peter et al,
This question is directed to Peter, because I need an answer from someone who has seen many takeovers. In the case of the acquisition of IPL by Brookfield, I opted to receive exchangeable trust units for as many IPL shares as possible. The trust units, as you well know are used to effect a tax deferral on the IPL shares.An allocation factor was used and " X " number of units were allocated. The remaining shares were given the cash value of $20.00 / share. This total was then divided by the VWAP of the BIPC shares for a five day period. The resulting price was higher than the $80.00 ( 4 x IPL price of $ 20.00. ) This resulted in fewer trust units received. If there was any fractional shares remaining , they were rounded down, and no payment received.My questions-- How common is it to use a VWAP instead of the offered price as the divisor, especially as the equivalent Bipc shares fell shortly after the 5 day period. This price must have been supported? How common is it to round the remaining share or shares? I have always got paid for fractional shares.It is fine and dandy to say that Brookfield are good allocators of capital, and good managers, but they certainly are not shareholder friendly. Comments please?

Thanks as always,

Read Answer Asked by BEN on December 01, 2021
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