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Q: Please rate your top 5 electric Canadian utilities
1. for long term growth potential
2. for safety in a correction.

Read Answer Asked by Lawrence on September 16, 2021

Q: Greetings:
I know because it has been mentioned countless times that you are not tax experts, but perhaps you can help. When does a section 85 form need to be filed and when not? In the case of IPL, PWF, Uranium participation by Sprott Uranium Trust it is necessary, but not with score media and Penn. Perhaps it depends if it is a merger or acquisition, and what determines this. Perhaps the rules have changed in the last months. Thanks for your help.

Read Answer Asked by BEN on September 14, 2021

Q: Hi 5-i:
Not a question,but rather a comment. I notice today that some members have written in about the results of what they have received from offering their IPL shares to Brookfield. I had 40,618 IPL shares times .250 = 10,154 exchangeable units, however, RBC direct investing showed in the activity section of my account 40,618 times .24974626 = 10,144 brookfield units. I am short 10 units times an approximate value of $ 71.00 = $ 710.00. Brookfield is using the .24974626 factor instead of the .250 that they offered. I am waiting on a resolution to the matter, but encourage others to check their account, and with their broker, and if so to express their discontent to Brookfield. They will save millions by using the incorrect multiplier. I experienced a similar problem when they spun out the BEPC shares. The announcement stated that all allocations would be rounded up, but when it didn't happen, I checked with my broker and they said that they were not allocated enough shares to do that. I recall that 5-i had some questions concerning that issue.

Read Answer Asked by BEN on September 01, 2021
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