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Q: Hi
Please note PPL is not available in the short search. It was required to add :ca to bring it up.

Would you please expand on your comment earlier about Brookfield wining the bid for IPL? Was this just because the bid is out there or do you have an opinion.

In my position Brookfield deal is a big loss due to taxation(25% capital gains hit) as well as the benefit of holding PPL shares ( dividend, growth, Heartland participation, PPL Reputation) The share price of IPL is now tracking PPL (0.5 x $41.40 = $20.70) and is way above the Brookfield offer($19.50 Maybe? or some kind of shares?).

Brookfield offer is no longer financially better than PPL offer.

Is there something else in this?

Read Answer Asked by Dave on June 18, 2021

Q: I own a large amount of shares in IPL and also own shares in BIP
I m debating if I should sell at the current market price that is higher of either bid or wait it out to see if BIP makes a higher offer. If I wait it out and Pembina offer is accepted I would loose a nice amount of cash.
I gather this will play out soon maybe as early as next week.
What do you recommend.

Read Answer Asked by Al on June 17, 2021
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