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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hi
Please note PPL is not available in the short search. It was required to add :ca to bring it up.

Would you please expand on your comment earlier about Brookfield wining the bid for IPL? Was this just because the bid is out there or do you have an opinion.

In my position Brookfield deal is a big loss due to taxation(25% capital gains hit) as well as the benefit of holding PPL shares ( dividend, growth, Heartland participation, PPL Reputation) The share price of IPL is now tracking PPL (0.5 x $41.40 = $20.70) and is way above the Brookfield offer($19.50 Maybe? or some kind of shares?).

Brookfield offer is no longer financially better than PPL offer.

Is there something else in this?

Read Answer Asked by Dave on June 18, 2021

Q: I own a large amount of shares in IPL and also own shares in BIP
I m debating if I should sell at the current market price that is higher of either bid or wait it out to see if BIP makes a higher offer. If I wait it out and Pembina offer is accepted I would loose a nice amount of cash.
I gather this will play out soon maybe as early as next week.
What do you recommend.

Read Answer Asked by Al on June 17, 2021

Q: hello 5i team, I am 68 years old. As I get older I like to simplify my portfolios. Above is my CDN holdings. I have a U.S. portfolio of about 15 blue chip companies.
from this list which ones would you keep and which ones to sell? and time frame to sell? now/ 6 months+?
I appreciate your guidance.

Read Answer Asked by Carlo on June 16, 2021

Q: I hold both Interpipeline and Pembina. If the PPL takeover of IPL goes through, I will have a bit more PPL than I am comfortable with, and would consider moving a portion to a company in a similar space. Assuming the deal happens, how would you rate the combined PPL/IPL compared to similar alternatives ENB, KEY, TRP. Could you give a rating for each of the 4 on a scale of 1 -10 for desirability as a long term hold in a balanced portfolio. Looking at total return over a 5 - 10 year period. Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Dan on June 02, 2021

Q: Greetings,

I have 4% cash currently and would consider short term opportunities. With a new competing bid IPL is trading below the offer price. Do you see an opportunity here to purchase IPL and hold for the sale and possible counter offer? Or is the difference more related to the half cash half PPL stock offer which will be more volitile? Hence risk. I appreciate your insite.


Read Answer Asked by Duane on June 01, 2021

Q: I have had a nice recovery in the pipelines that I hold (IPL TRP PPL ENB). I am contemplating selling one of them and buying BEP.UN. do you think this is a good idea? and if yes which one would you sell? many thanks Richard

Read Answer Asked by richard on May 03, 2021

Q: Good morning team!
I compared a managed portfolio by pro advisor from a large institution versus one that I managed myself with 5i team Q/A plus few smaller newsletters & Bloomberg daily news thru my Fibe TV package with Bell (I hold BCE in my portfolio)
Kudo to your team: triple the return. Thank you!
My two questions today:
Investment group: Limited partnership Versus Incorporated (we are small not yet having 5+1 employees to be active CCPC) pro and con
I hold a bit of ENB at low cost (double down each time it dropping, trim a bit when it pops) & IPL at very low cost 12 ish. Your thought on selling IPL and buying PPL. This will the pipelines combo that we hold ENB & PPL.

Thank you!

Read Answer Asked by Nhung on March 03, 2021

Q: Greetings:
Not a question, just a comment. I read with great interest, the ideas
and truth put forward by KEITH on the BULLY tactics being used
by Bip in their unwanted meddling. We all understand that the market
is the market, but the shareholders have taken a reduced dividend
and now when energy is turning the corner they are trying to steal it. I have a large holding in IPL for many years, and all we can do is try to make other shareholders aware of what is happening. I talked to IPL investor relations today about it , and I would suggest that others do the same. Thanks for printing this.

Read Answer Asked by BEN on February 24, 2021

Q: Hi Peter and team, Just thought I would ask about the ethical aspects of this so called hostile take-over? In my mind BIPC only with the support of BAM.a and BUFFALO AQUISITION CORP. aka BIF IV (looks like a shell company to me that) are trying to BULLY in here on long suffering shareholders of IPL. Let me try to put this in perspective, IPL has spent nearly four years and nearly four billion dollars engineering, designing, procuring, and constructing and world scale propane dehydrogenation (PDH) and polypropylene (PP) facility, all to the boohoos of the so-called "investment community". The projected increase to IPL's EBITDA is estimated to increase by $400million to $500 million (a double), not including the recent increase in PP prices. Do you think IPL could get one good word out of anyone? Nope, they all stayed clear, even after IPL raised $700 million with the sale of 50% their Europe storage assets. Now IPL is self funding the project thru to it's completion (which significantly de-risks the project from a monetary point of view. Last CC management shared they are ramping up for testing and commissioning which looks like PDH should be up and chugging along by summer. I've been working in the energy industry for 42 years and can share, that a typical approach is to use IP, from patented chemical processes and copyrighted proprietary equipment that is proven. This isn't rocket science. What recourse do shareholders have considering BIPC aka BIF IV have acted unethically by acquiring an additional 10% of IPL without disclosing this to anyone? Who are the responsible authorities that should be looking into this? I would like to thank BIP for acknowledging the new facility has a great business plan as well as PPL ,as they have an almost exact replica (delayed by COVID19) planned in next year.

Read Answer Asked by Keith on February 23, 2021

Q: Hi Peter, further to my previous question, Please advise what you have (and your source) for the short positions for the above equities. I have:


Read Answer Asked by Keith on February 23, 2021