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Q: Greetings:
I know because it has been mentioned countless times that you are not tax experts, but perhaps you can help. When does a section 85 form need to be filed and when not? In the case of IPL, PWF, Uranium participation by Sprott Uranium Trust it is necessary, but not with score media and Penn. Perhaps it depends if it is a merger or acquisition, and what determines this. Perhaps the rules have changed in the last months. Thanks for your help.

Read Answer Asked by BEN on September 14, 2021

Q: My question on these two companies performance during the past month.
They usually goes up or down together in the past. But the last month or so, POW decline and PWF goes steady and up a little. Any particular rationale for that?
Which one is a better hold in these turbulent times. Thank you

Read Answer Asked by DAVID on April 08, 2020

Q: Hello 5I staff,
I keep hearing rumblings that management want the the 2 class structure of these Power companies eliminated, but the Demaries won't give it up.
Do you have an opinion on whether this power struggle is going to hold back the Company in the future, like what is happening to Bombardier and should I be divesting out of these holdings (PWF, GWO, etc)?

Read Answer Asked by James on February 14, 2020
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