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Investment Q&A

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Q: Greetings:
I know because it has been mentioned countless times that you are not tax experts, but perhaps you can help. When does a section 85 form need to be filed and when not? In the case of IPL, PWF, Uranium participation by Sprott Uranium Trust it is necessary, but not with score media and Penn. Perhaps it depends if it is a merger or acquisition, and what determines this. Perhaps the rules have changed in the last months. Thanks for your help.

Read Answer Asked by BEN on September 14, 2021

Q: My question on these two companies performance during the past month.
They usually goes up or down together in the past. But the last month or so, POW decline and PWF goes steady and up a little. Any particular rationale for that?
Which one is a better hold in these turbulent times. Thank you

Read Answer Asked by DAVID on April 08, 2020

Q: Hello 5I staff,
I keep hearing rumblings that management want the the 2 class structure of these Power companies eliminated, but the Demaries won't give it up.
Do you have an opinion on whether this power struggle is going to hold back the Company in the future, like what is happening to Bombardier and should I be divesting out of these holdings (PWF, GWO, etc)?

Read Answer Asked by James on February 14, 2020

Q: PWF's investment in fintec (wealthsimple) as weĺl as their dividend looks interesting for a 5 to 10 year hold. The reorganization with POW also looks to have potential to unlock value and increase dividends. Do you recommend investing a full position at this time and if so, in which company. Alternatively, is there a better investment in fintec?

Read Answer Asked by Ian on January 20, 2020

Q: I am overweight financials and I am thinking of selling PWF, which has a nice yield but no growth, and replacing it with a non-financial large cap dividend growth stock of similar quality. I am looking at QSR which has a lower yield but hopefully more growth, and CCL.B which has an even lower yield but presumably higher growth. If not one of these, what would your top recommendations be in the large cap dividend growth space?

Read Answer Asked by David on January 16, 2020

Q: I use the BTSX system in two of my portfolios. Its soon time to adjust for the new year. I have held PWF for a number of years due to its higher yield over POW.
I understand PWF will be merging with POW-any idea when?
Will that mean no more PWF? Will all shares be now be POW at the lower yield?
Will there be a premium for PWF shares?
Would you suggest a switch if there are still going to be two companies? Why?

Read Answer Asked by JEFF on December 30, 2019

Q: Do I continue to hold my 3% position in this Corp. now that the Demerais brothers are exiting? I'm not really knowledgeable about the gentleman over at Power Corp. who will be heading up the new amalgamation of these 2 cos. Just figured that there may indeed be a chance for growth and change with someone new at the helm, especially with their fin tech operations. Need guidance!
Thank you. Happy holidays!

Read Answer Asked by Wendy on December 13, 2019

Q: In order to reduce Canadian content, increase US and International content and balance our equity portfolio by industry,I would appreciate your help.Since we have been drawing on our RIFs for a number of years (23) and plan to continue,most of the transactions will be in our TFSAs.
1)sell Telus and replace it with a similar US or International investment.Would you recommend doing this and could you suggest 2 or 3 replacements.
2)sell Power Financial and Alaris Royalty and replace them with similar non-Canadian investments.Could you suggest 2 or 3 financial investments.
I do not feel comfortable adding currency changes to the mix or any withholding tax on dividends,but I do not see any alternatives.
Once this is completed,I plan to work on our industry allocations.
Thanks in advance for you assistance.

Read Answer Asked by James on July 15, 2019

Q: My wife and I own POW and PWF respectively in our taxable accounts, both purchased earlier this year. There was an article in the Globe & Mail a couple of days ago about shareholder dissatisfaction with corporate governance, specifically referring to members of the Desmarais family.

Any thoughts on this article? I get the feeling that this is not a new issue. Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Thomas on May 21, 2019

Q: The owners are so dismissive of shareowners.

Lost 8.91% in 5 years. (total return)

They own Putnam and feel stuck.

The sons seems to be afraid to do anything so someone said share buyback and that is their best idea.

I do own this stock but everyone speaks so highly of it but that was 12 years ago.

Just like Warren Buffett the last 10 years have not been kind.

No returns

Read Answer Asked by ian on May 16, 2019

Q: I want to do a home renovation project and need some cash. Could you rank these stocks in order of the ones you would sell first to last in my position. Cineplex, Couche Tard, North West, MTY, Power Financial, Enghouse and Calian. I probably only need three names to raise what I need.

Read Answer Asked by Andrew on May 08, 2019