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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: What percentage of a portfilio would you allocate to renewable enegy. I have organized possible holdings into 3 groupings: A. asset allocators, like BEP-un, CWEN; B. technology enhancers, like ARRY, SHLS, RUN, C. Electric utility deliverers: AES, FTS. I would ssk that you recommend a your preferred namres for each grouping. My questions are: 1. Is this a useful way to organize and, if so, what percentage would you allocate to each grouping? 2. Could you rank the stocks in each grouping for safety and growth with suggested [ballpark] entry buy prices? Thanks
Read Answer Asked by sam on December 21, 2022
Q: My portfolio is low on utilities and industrials at the moment. It also needs more US and international exposure. Any suggestions for a few stocks that might be good additions at the moment? They'd be long term holds.
Read Answer Asked by Jordan on December 23, 2021
Q: Hi Peter,

In this downtrend market could you please give your three best stocks to buy for 3 to 5 years hold in each sector in canada and US as well ?
Thank you for your best advise on this platform.

Read Answer Asked by kaushikbhai on December 10, 2021
Q: My portfolio analysis suggests I am underweight in Basic Materials, Consumer Cyclicals, Utilities and Healthcare. I have USD to invest as I am also underweight in the US. Could you give me your 2 best suggestions for overall return (not high-risk) in each of these sectors individually as well as a group. I would also like to know if there are Canadian companies more attractive than your US suggestions in the same sector. Thank you for your help over the years
Read Answer Asked by jacques on December 10, 2021
Q: Which one do you prefer or both? Your opinion is much appreciated, Thanks
Read Answer Asked by Saad on November 08, 2021
Q: I am investigating solid state batteries as an investment theme. It sounds like the development, production and adoption of this battery technology may be explosive in the years ahead. Are there any under valued US or Cdn companies in the space that you recommend? Also, do you think that like li-ion in the past, investors will latch onto this as a sector to chase in the future?
Read Answer Asked by Glenn on December 21, 2020
Q: Hi 5i team!
My question is about energy storage.
It's my understanding that the biggest draw back to alternative energy solution and electric vehicle is the capacity to store electricity in great amount within a smale space.
Very little has been done in the past 20 years in that field,
compared to many other technologies. Are there any small or big companies coming with new ideas on battery storage capacity ?
I already own HYG-T hydrogen corporation for many years now, and that stock has not done much for me .
The IBAT story looks interesting, but needs much more large scale capacity proof of its new technology about lithium extraction with brine separation.
Read Answer Asked by Sylvain on November 22, 2017