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Q: Hello 5i team,
Over the past couple weeks Volkswagen has almost shot up 90% in stock value. In short, do you have an idea what is causing it to go parabolic?

I have some shares in the OTC side (VWAGY) so I took some profits (Great!), but for a company that has been hoovering below $20 for years, it usually is worrisome when a company this large shoots up this quickly.

Thank You,
Read Answer Asked by Andrew on March 18, 2021
Q: Am looking to purchase TM or a suitable auto/auto parts company for 5 year hold, in RSP. Suggestions, rankings, please. Thanks!
Read Answer Asked by Pradeep on March 16, 2021
Q: I am investigating solid state batteries as an investment theme. It sounds like the development, production and adoption of this battery technology may be explosive in the years ahead. Are there any under valued US or Cdn companies in the space that you recommend? Also, do you think that like li-ion in the past, investors will latch onto this as a sector to chase in the future?
Read Answer Asked by Glenn on December 21, 2020
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