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Q: Battery storage for renewable energy production in the US is expected to double over the next year. Can I get your opinion on the above stocks as well as any others that may benefit from this?
Thank you
Read Answer Asked by Colleen on May 28, 2024
Q: Me thinks that spaceship that fearless leader Blaarg is piloting is actually an elaborate can of worms. In 10 years time, according to some environmentalists, we earthlings may be drowning in our own carbon-laced pollution, unless a better solution to or energy needs can be met. As a pessimistic Albertan, I suspect most of us will still be driving evil combustion engines in 2034; however, I am hopeful that there are some game changers in the energy horizon - maybe not Canadian - that may save the planet. Do you have any suggestions we can put on our watchlist? I'm waiting for 5i to beam me up !
Read Answer Asked by Lionel on May 24, 2024
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