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Q: Hello 5i Team
I have read the Q/A on many of these stock already , but due to the current market correction and the stock rotation .How would you rate these stocks today and would you sell any of them .Is there futher down side risk on these stocks .What would you recommend ? Please deduct credits as you feel appropriate .
Thanks for you continous service and excellent ongoing advice.

Read Answer Asked by claudio on March 06, 2021

Q: With so much attention on EV’s, questions
related to charging stations - and battery suppliers are becoming more important.

I am looking for a basket of companies in which to invest that 5i believes can benefit from these developments.

As part of this theme I am wondering:
1. Where will people recharge their vehicles?
Will traditional gas stations - including companies like ATD.B and PKI - retrofit some of their gas pumps to charging stations?

2. Who will supply the volume of batteries that are expected to be required? As someone said the other day “ right now Tesla owns the “bakery” ....which gives it a huge competitive advantage over the other potential competitors.

Thanks for your help here.

Read Answer Asked by Donald on March 01, 2021

Q: In RRSP account I sold BEPC to decrease exposure to BEP (10%) and purchased ENPH to diversify. Plan was to hold long term. I see you like NEE and it is more diversified over renewables and pays a dividend. Does it make sense to sell ENPH to buy NEE since I don't really need an additional stock?

Read Answer Asked by J on February 19, 2021
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