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Q: I'm interested in these ETF themes, how would you rank them long term? Do you see any overlap between ICLN and LIT? And if I wanted to go the individual stock route instead of the ETF, what would be your top two individual stock picks within each ETF (either cad or us listed). Thank you!

Read Answer Asked by Keith on October 15, 2021

Q: Hi 5i,
I have the following in a non-registered (and high risk tolerance) account:
LSPD (+55%)
GAN (-21%)
XBC (-65%)
QUIS (+21%)
AMY (+28%)
PLTR (-15%)
NANO (-28%)
OPS (+37%)
PLUG (-62%)

1. Is there any names on this list that you would consider selling at a loss and re-deploying elsewhere?

2. I'd like to buy LSPD in my separate registered account considering the sharp drop over the past couple weeks. Is there any limitations on owning the same stock in both registered and non-registered accounts? I am comfortable in my overall position so that would not be a concern.

Please deduct credits as you see fit.

(There is a chance I've submitted this question twice; if so, please answer this one. My browser crashed during my first submission and I'm not sure if the first one went through.)

Thanks for your insight,

Read Answer Asked by Kyle on October 07, 2021
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