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Investment Q&A

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Q: Hi Folks,
My understanding of Ai is that it requires or will require a lot of energy and storage. Am I correct in stating that? Can you provide me with a few names in each category that you feel would be a good buy today for a long term hold.
Read Answer Asked by JOHN on March 26, 2024
Q: Good morning,

what would be your top picks with respect to the following:
1) robotics
2) robotics software
3) implementation consulting for automated manufacturing lines


Read Answer Asked by Terry on May 24, 2023
Q: I have been sorting my portfolio now I have transitioned from an advisor managed portfolio to one I manage myself. This stock is less than 1% of my portfolio. I bought it, sold not long into the pandemic and purchased some last year. The decision I have is do I add to this near these levels or drop it and focus on growing a position in another industrial stock in the portfolio (CN (thinking of switching to CP), CJT, EFN, WTE, WSP, XYL). For me geographic diversity is currently 90/10 Canadian in this sector.
Read Answer Asked by Dave on February 28, 2023
Q: These very large Cies appear promising to me for longer term : wich could resist better in case of a recession ?
Read Answer Asked by Jean-Yves on December 19, 2022
Q: I have been looking closer at the industrial sector over the last few months, as I believe that societal increases in technology usage and adoption of electric vehicles in transporation are placing increased demands on the generation and distribution of electrical power. I am looking at both Siemens and ABB as investments in this space which can also serve as long-term anchor holdings. Siemens is a very broad-based company which has a portion of its business dedicated to infrastructure and energy generation, which it describes as its "Smart Infrastructure" unit, while having very robust units in manufacturing, transportation and healthcare. ABB Ltd. appears to be more focused in the infrastructure and utility sectors.

The case for Siemens would revolve around its success in multiple sectors of the economy and its ability to generate revenue from a variety of sources, while the case for ABB would be that it is well-positioned to fulfill the demands of societies which are demanding ever more performance from the energy generation and distribution systems from the places where they live. Both seem to have corrected substantially since early 2022 (SIEGY down 24%, ABB down 18%), which could indicate buying opportunities in the absence of significant news which would account for these depreciations in price.

What are your thoughts on these companies, as well as the idea of investing capital in companies which could address upcoming infrastructure demands? As always, I look forward to reading your thoughts. Thanks so much, and have a great weekend?
Read Answer Asked by Domenic on April 25, 2022
Q: commonly, all of these stocks seem to be in sectors that are doing well i know there are many more are there any sectors that you might particularly favour this upcoming year?
Read Answer Asked by terrance on December 21, 2020
Q: Hello, just learned about this company ABB ltd. Apart from the systems it makes for utilities and it's automation systems, I've learned that it's into fast charging stations for electric vehicles. Good dividend yield and I'm wondering if you can provide an opinion on whether it's worth putting some funds into this stock. Thanks as always for your excellent service.
Read Answer Asked by jeff on March 31, 2020
Q: Which specific companies do you think will benefit the most from supplying and installing the infrastructure that will be required to support a wholesale switch from gas-powered to electric vehicles over the next few decades (assuming one believes it will happen), including both residential and commercial charging stations?
Read Answer Asked by Chris on January 17, 2020