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Investment Q&A

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Q: Noticed an interesting pop in solar stocks today. Any particular reason for this? Also, Iíve noticed that they have traded sideways for several months now. Would you rather trade or invest in this sector?

Read Answer Asked by Mike on June 29, 2021

Q: I noticed that when people ask for top ďenergyĒ names they are often provided with companies involved in oil and gas (eg. SU, CNQ, TOU, etc). What sector is the solar industry in and how do they compare to the top oil and gas names?

Read Answer Asked by Mike on June 11, 2021

Q: Do you concur with seeking Alpha? Thanks!
Canadian Solar Inc. (CSIQ) is cheaply valued. Especially considering its growth potential. The company has a strong backlog in energy projects and plans significant production capacity expansion. It is also planning to unlock value by an IPO in China of a subsidiary. The relative valuation to peers looks good as well. The company had a strong performance over the past year, it's still a bit behind other solar stocks as shown by the Invesco Solar ETF (TAN).

Read Answer Asked by Austin on February 26, 2021

Q: Please compare JCI and TT and state your preference if you have.
I would like a similar comparison for CSIQ and FSLR.
Deduct the appropriate number of questions.
Thanks for this help and the other information you have provided over the years.

Read Answer Asked by Ron on January 11, 2021

Q: Looking at the top ten holdings of the TAN solar etf...can you comment on some of them based on your 5iresearch criteria....sedg, enph, fslr, run, Dq, csiq

Read Answer Asked by James on July 21, 2020

Q: Hi 5iR Team, Recently, I asked a question on Solar Technology stocks and the team gave me 4 names to follow up on: CSIQ, TSLA, FSLR, and SPWR. After doing some more research I would like to add to the list; SEDG and ENPH and drop SPWR and TSLA. OK, we now have 4 names; CSIQ, FSLR, SEDG, and ENPH. Could you rank order these names for me, perhaps with a few comments on why. Thanks very much team. Cheers, Chris

Read Answer Asked by Chris on March 02, 2020

Q: Hi 5iR Team, Solar power generation, installation, technology, etc., anything to do with solar power, can you list a few Can/US notable companies for me? Thanks Team. Cheers, Chris

Read Answer Asked by Chris on February 18, 2020

Q: CSIQ is back on the top of its range, part of me want to sell as it has been cycling back from there a few times, and part wonders if this a start to a better story with renewables being in favor and making this a good growth story. what is your opinion? besides a hedge fund buying a position is there any othr worthy news? what are expected earnings?
Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by francois on February 14, 2020

Q: Hi, Iím interested in getting back into some solar stocks. Many have done well lately and Iíve read that there is lots of growth ahead still. Iím a growth investor with a +5-7 year time frame. What would be some of your top stocks in this sector and what are your some of your thoughts on investing in this industry? Thx!

Read Answer Asked by Keith on November 27, 2019