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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: 4 disasters in my cash account these year. Each position down between 30-45%.

How would you proceed?
Can you please give a brief comment on each security with a recommendation to either sell or hold. If selling is advised to crystallize a loss, what would be a proxy? And lastly, would you buy any of them back after the 30 day window?

Please feel free to deduct credits as you deem fit.

Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by karim on December 08, 2023
Q: Which point in the calendar is the best time to pick up next year’s bounce back candidates that are currently in the midst of heavy tax loss selling? Please advise.

Also. Please name top 3 candidates in cad and us market, and if you deem any of them too particularly compelling.
Read Answer Asked by karim on December 01, 2023
Q: Hey Guys,

With a lot of hype and interest in the EV space, Vehicles, Etc. , I am hearing a lot about Copper ,Silver and Lithium moving forward as an Investment Theme...

1. Please provide a few Pure Play Copper, Silver and Lithium Companies you think will be good investments going into this stage...
- Large Caps
- Small Caps with good spec potential

2. If another Sleeper Metal play, in your opinion stands out in this theme, please advise...

Read Answer Asked by michael on October 04, 2023
Q: ISRG,DLB,CROX,DG,OPRA,PDFS,ICLN,INMD,RTX,ALB ALLUS are looser which one to keep and which one not.
I know quite many stocks in one question but for a senior over 75 I find hard to take advantage of portfolio analytics as I am not tech savvy.
Read Answer Asked by Nizar on September 12, 2023
Which stocks need to sell or all of them.
Read Answer Asked by Nizar on August 15, 2023
Q: I'm interested in starting positions in companies involved in the push to a more energy efficient future. I've had a look at CCO AND ALB and I'd appreciate your opinion as to which one is the better choice currently. Also, is it too early to be taking positions in these sectors or are these companies capable of strong capital gains in the next year or two? Finally, do you think there are better companies to invest in in these sectors?
Read Answer Asked by Les on July 21, 2023
Q: Could you give me your recommendations for the 10 best US medium or large cap companies that pay small or no dividends, this time excluding IT companies? Thanks for your great service.
Read Answer Asked by jacques on June 29, 2023
Q: Further to my earlier question regarding covered calls, can you please suggest some higher volatility US names that would be suitable. Your 2015 CMS article advises the use of companies with no debt and excess cash that are more volatile than the market. I would imagine this points mostly to mega cap tech names, but some diversity in the list would be appreciated. Thank-you.
Read Answer Asked by Stephen on June 07, 2023
Q: Can you please give us your recommendations on Nickle, Cooper and Platinum stocks and ETF for both Markets.

I heard above will be key in EV and green energy. Supply will be low so prices will go up. What are your thoughts.

Can you also provide your recommendations on Mining, Chemical Processing, Battery Component Production and Battery Cell Production stocks and ETF in both Markets.

Thanks for the great service you have been providing to small investors at reasonable price.
Read Answer Asked by Hector on April 26, 2023
Q: I'm considering starting some positions in lithium companies. Do you think this is an good time to take positions in LAC, ETL, and SGML? If so, please suggest the order in which you would buy them - best to worst. If you have other suggestions that you feel have more potential I would appreciate it if you would share them. Thanks as always for you"re support.
Read Answer Asked by Les on April 26, 2023
Q: Dear 5i,
I am interested in perhaps investing 2 to 4% of my TFSA in the Lithium area. Can you suggest some CDN and US listed stocks and ETF's that you like that I can do some further research on. Do you like the medium to long term prospects for Lithium?
Read Answer Asked by Ian on January 30, 2023
Q: What are you top few materials and industrial stocks in Canada and the US for 2023?
Read Answer Asked by Gerry on January 09, 2023
Q: Hi there,

What are your thoughts on lithium going forward based on the shift towards EV and hybrid vehicles? Do you have any names in the lithium space that you'd recommend and what do you think of the ones listed?

Read Answer Asked by Michael on January 05, 2023