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Investment Q&A

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Q: Hi Team,

I have read your recent responses on this name...what is your level of confidence that a significant bottom was put in earlier this week? From 1 (run for the hills) to 10 (buy as much as possible)?

Unless there is something really fundamentally wrong here I think the odds are pretty favourable for the bulls...not sure I have ever seen an RSI of 8-9 like I did the other day.

Read Answer Asked by David on February 12, 2024
Q: I'm considering starting some positions in lithium companies. Do you think this is an good time to take positions in LAC, ETL, and SGML? If so, please suggest the order in which you would buy them - best to worst. If you have other suggestions that you feel have more potential I would appreciate it if you would share them. Thanks as always for you"re support.
Read Answer Asked by Les on April 26, 2023
Q: Hi there,

What are your thoughts on lithium going forward based on the shift towards EV and hybrid vehicles? Do you have any names in the lithium space that you'd recommend and what do you think of the ones listed?

Read Answer Asked by Michael on January 05, 2023
Q: It appears Canada has the potential to take a part in the EV revolution, yesterdays announcemenmt from Volkswagon regarding a possible gigafactory here, and this from todays FP, "Canada has seen at least 10 major electric vehicle-related commitments totalling close to $16 billion since the start of 2021 as federal and provincial governments work to secure investments in the rapidly-evolving sector." For fun lets say all this and more happens, which Canadian companies will have the most to gain?
Read Answer Asked by Charles on December 05, 2022
Q: i have listed 3 lithium companies,it does not have to be one of these, but which is your favorite lithium company to buy today for a period of 6-12 months. dave
Read Answer Asked by david on October 18, 2022
Q: The US is passing a bill to pour money into EV .I am looking for small Canadian resource companies like cnc and lac that could benefit .Is there any other small cap Canadian that could be a home run?
Read Answer Asked by lynn on August 10, 2022
Q: how would you rank the most promising junior lithium companies based on management, capitalization, promising land in development, and/or near or in production .. much thx
Read Answer Asked by Bob on January 31, 2022
Q: What metal sector(s) would you recommend that will stand to benefit the greatest from the move to renewables. Please provide 3 growth companies to consider.

Would you also please provide 3 value companies that show solid values and good rebound opportunities in the same or similar sector.
Thanks, Peter.
Read Answer Asked by PETER on October 25, 2021