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Investment Q&A

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Q: I have a small position in Archer Exploration from the Wallbridge spinoff. I am thinking of increasing my nickel exposure. When I consider Canada Nickel it seems to have a much higher valuation. What am I missing ? I believe AEM has investments in both companies.
Read Answer Asked by Christopher on February 06, 2024
Q: It appears Canada has the potential to take a part in the EV revolution, yesterdays announcemenmt from Volkswagon regarding a possible gigafactory here, and this from todays FP, "Canada has seen at least 10 major electric vehicle-related commitments totalling close to $16 billion since the start of 2021 as federal and provincial governments work to secure investments in the rapidly-evolving sector." For fun lets say all this and more happens, which Canadian companies will have the most to gain?
Read Answer Asked by Charles on December 05, 2022
Q: Wallbridge is in the process of spinning out its nickel properties to Archer Exploration. How does the larger version of Archer compare to Canada Nickel in terms of quality and valuation. Thanks for this great service,
Read Answer Asked by Christopher on October 12, 2022
Q: The US is passing a bill to pour money into EV .I am looking for small Canadian resource companies like cnc and lac that could benefit .Is there any other small cap Canadian that could be a home run?
Read Answer Asked by lynn on August 10, 2022
Q: With physical battery grade Nickel stockpiles emptying do you have any recommendations for producers or an ETF that would be a good investment on the Canada or the US stock market?
Read Answer Asked by Murray on January 24, 2022
Q: Electric véhicules: nickel is important,what Cies would be a "safer" Investment in Canada and also on US stock exchange concerning nickel ?
Read Answer Asked by Jean-Yves on March 29, 2021
Q: USA is currently in talks with nickel mining companies in Canada, trying to alter it's dependence on Chinese companies supplying periodic table elements to them. Do you see a Canadian company/ companies benefiting from nickel supply to the EV market that are current producers, or in early development of mining that can fill this need that are undervalued. Alternately is there a royalty company supplying nickel. Which company would you pick.
Read Answer Asked by Ric on February 09, 2021