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Investment Q&A

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Q: Hey Guys,

With a lot of hype and interest in the EV space, Vehicles, Etc. , I am hearing a lot about Copper ,Silver and Lithium moving forward as an Investment Theme...

1. Please provide a few Pure Play Copper, Silver and Lithium Companies you think will be good investments going into this stage...
- Large Caps
- Small Caps with good spec potential

2. If another Sleeper Metal play, in your opinion stands out in this theme, please advise...

Read Answer Asked by michael on October 04, 2023
Q: For a lithium supply play how does this little company look to you? With the Koch strategic platforms making an investment in this company recently announced does this make it a little more interesting? In the lithium space who would be your pick to play on this future demand as more vehicle companies start to offer more electric options.

Read Answer Asked by Kolbi on November 26, 2021
Q: Hi 5i,

I currently have a small investment in each of these two companies (NLC:CA and SLI:CA). The share price for both companies has increased significantly in the last couple of weeks and has generally been fairly volatile. I invested into the companies in the expectation that lithium mining will prove to be more lucrative in the near future due to the need for lithium in producing batteries for electric cars. I'm not sure if the share price is too high though at the moment or if this is only the beginning of the growth. I am unsure whether I should invest more into these companies right now or hold off for now. Do you have a target price for either of these companies? Do you have any reservations about either one? Is there a better Lithium mining company that I should shift to? Thank you!
Read Answer Asked by William on August 13, 2021