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Investment Q&A

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Q: I bought DIR.un and WIR.un , the industrial REITs based partly on NAV, FFO, and dividend growth and because I had hardly any Canadian investments. However , on the said REITs , perhaps my calculations were incorrect. Both are down significantly notwithstanding that eCommerce has grown rapidly. I also have COR and COLD on close watch. I expected industrial warehouses and logistics to have a reasonably good growth trajectory. Do you think that growth in this type of company will be flat for the next year or two? To what would you attribute the weakness evident in the valuation of these companies that should, one would think, behave very differently from , say apartment REITs? Would you favor COLD or COR over the Canadian-listed ones and if yes, your reasons other those obvious in financial metrics?

Read Answer Asked by Adam on September 02, 2020

Q: Hello Peter,
If you wanted to beef up the income portion of your portfolio and liked the idea of a couple of industrial REITs, in each of the US and Canada, (partly on the assumption of 'fulfillment' in this new world of online ordering), which four would top your list - assuming you're hoping for good and/or growing yields. Thank you!

Read Answer Asked by James on August 10, 2020

Q: This is a follow up to an earlier question. I was in touch with WPT Industrial to clarify their dividend payout etc. Their response shared that their current ROC portion of the dividend is 77.08 percent. This seems very high to me and I'm hoping you can provide some context for this number from your experience. For example, is this a normal amount for income trusts; does this not effectively reduce the value of the dividend since your adjusted cost base will continue to drop. Anything else you can add will be helpful. Thanks, Don

Read Answer Asked by Donald on June 05, 2020

Q: I hold this company and would appreciate your view on it as a buy/hold/sell at the present moment and supporting argument for this opinion. I know that while this is a Canadian company all its holdings are in the US and it pays its dividend in US dollars. I was surprised to learn that those dividends are subject to a US withholding tax. However, I believe that since this is held in a non registered account, the taxes can be recovered at tax time. Am I correct in this regard?
Thanks, Don

Read Answer Asked by Donald on June 01, 2020

Q: Hi my question today is on REITs. I started to buy these three reits as they are under .9 tb ratio. value. Because of there much lower price the dividend is awesome. This pandemic is the reason for there price reduction. Are they over sold and probably the next sector (industrial reit) to bounce back ? The people that are renting there property ex;Walmart are doing ok. If not a good time to buy when is ?

Read Answer Asked by Hubert on May 20, 2020

Q: Can you tell me your 2 favourite Industrial Reits in Canada and one in the US.

Thanks Valter

Read Answer Asked by Valter on April 27, 2020

Q: Hi there, I'm thinking about reducing my position in WIR (taking profits) and entering MRT. Can you tell me why the steady decline in MRT sp since 2015 and do you see a reversal any time soon or any other catalyst on the horizon?
Or would I be better off sticking with WIR, or perhaps you have a better suggestion.
Many thanks

Read Answer Asked by george on December 03, 2019

Q: I am considering a $US pay reit, and am looking at these two. Could you provide the payout ratio/dividend sustainability, debt levels and debt due timeframe as well as any other relevant financials. Industrial reits and apartment reits have done very well for me, but do you have a preference between the two based on the current economic forecast? Lastly, could you identify the pros and cons of Canadian domiciled companies holding virtually all US assets?

Read Answer Asked by grant on November 18, 2019