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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Peter; My 25 year old granddaughter is interested in buying gold- she’s a CA already and is now working in M&A with an accounting firm. Any suggestions as to how to “ buy” gold for her age and time frame would be appreciated. Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Rodney on August 03, 2023

Q: Presently I have the above stocks in losing positions. would you buy more to average down / sell or hold? thanks

Read Answer Asked by Terence on May 29, 2023

Q: Hi group what your out look on last Oct lows. Will we see those lows tested on this pullback? so should i wait to start adding to my portfolio or start nibbling I am sitting on 30% cash on 500K total value portfolio

2nd question -I presently own the following and want to add to them in what order and time frame? would you start to nibble CSU, BYD.CA, COST, CSU, KXS, ATZ, L, GSY, NVDA, GOOG, AMZN, NVEI,BN, BAM, SBUX, MSFT,AAPL, TECK, FTS, TFII, ENB, QQQ, GDXJ, GDX

Thanks for your valued opinion

Read Answer Asked by Terence on May 25, 2023

Q: Can you please give me your top three Gold stocks and your top two Gold ETF's to invest in. Thanks in advance.

Read Answer Asked by John on April 10, 2023

Q: Thinking that gold may offer some upside in these uncertain times. Can you provide some EFT suggestions as well as a couple gold companies which you might consider investable.

Read Answer Asked by Colleen on March 20, 2023

Q: Hi,
I am wondering about whether or not replacing stocks sold for a tax loss strategy is prudent, or not. All of the above listed stocks are at a loss in a taxable account. I am looking to offset a large profit that occurred in July when a number of stops were hit. The loss on GSY and SBUX is not terribly large, and so if it is deemed these stand a good chance of rebounding in the early part of 2022, then I may decided to keep them. In selling any of the stocks listed, are their replacements I could purchase that would likely add some growth? The alternative being just wait out the 30 day period and repurchase the strongest of the list. Your thoughts and suggestions would be most appreciated! Thanks for all the great advice over the years! Dawn

Read Answer Asked by Dawn on January 04, 2022

Q: Would this portfolio held in RRIF have withholding tax on dividends. Does this look like a good portfolio?

Read Answer Asked by Burke on January 15, 2021

Q: In my RRIF I need a Communications service sector. In my PA you suggested VOX, but I am wondering if there is a Canadian ETF in this sector that you could recommend?
Also an alternative is XGD.TO okay to invest in a RRIF?

Read Answer Asked by Terry on December 11, 2020

Q: Hi 5i,

Thank you in advance for you guidance. It is much appreciated. So, I am very bullish for gold and silver. I have invested in physical gold and but I want to take advantage of gold and silver companies as well. I love The Gold Fund at EuroPacific Asset Management ( that is managed by Adrian Day, but it requires a $100K minimum investment for Canadians. Can you recommend a really great ETF or Mutual Fund that is similar?

Read Answer Asked by Tye on October 14, 2020

Q: Apologies for the long list. Could I have your opinion on which I should sell? I will probably take the proceeds and add to FNV, AEM, and KL (are those reasonable choices?). Thanks very much.

Read Answer Asked by Brad on May 29, 2020

Q: I currently a small amount of GDX and GLD. I would like to increase my gold holdings a bit. Is there a stock you recommend? I am wondering about ABX or GOLD, if you like those, and is GOLD better than the CAD ABX? Or do you prefer another gold stock?
Also, is this a good time to buy silver? If so, would you recommend a stock or an ETF, CAD or US? Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Elizabeth on January 20, 2020

Q: I am planning to sell ABX to take a tax loss. However, I like to stay invest in the gold/gold miner sector. I can get my wife to buy back ABX or any of the above companies. I would like your opinion on your preferred investment vehicle in gold/gold miner at this time > any of the above 5 companies? or do you have any other favorite company in this sector ? BTW, can you let me know if I buy ABX in the NYSE, will its dividend qualified for Canadian dividend tax credit ? Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Stephen on November 27, 2017