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Investment Q&A

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Q: Hi Team

I own ath bte tve, I bought them during the dark days of the oil patch, my big purchase was ath, I averaged down from
$ .60 to $.12, at the bottom I thought it was over, anyways as the price moved up I starting selling, just happy to escape with my life. I have a little left, but as it has gone up so much I don't think there is more upside left in another stock, thinking about buying more tve or bte, what do you think, or do you have other oil's that have decent upside?

Read Answer Asked by auftar on March 08, 2024
Q: Now that Trans Mountain will soon be in service, are there specific oil producers or energy companies that 5i think may benefit the most to the bottom line and share price.

Best regards,

Read Answer Asked by Thomas on February 01, 2024
Q: Would appreciate your top heavy oil producers in Canada and rank the best buy for long term hold. I have listed a few above . Thank you
Read Answer Asked by kenneth on January 30, 2024
Q: If things get worse in the Middle East and Oil goes up $ 40.00 to $ 120.00 a barrel what are best 5 Canadian Oil Companies to BUY

I own ATH and it performs well. What do you think of ATH ?

Let me know your top 5 under these circumstances or global ?

I agree with Mark Twain all months are difficult


Read Answer Asked by bob on December 27, 2023
Q: Hello, I have some money to deploy and have picked the above lucky 13 stocks. Are you able to put them in order in which you would purchase them (1 to 13). I know there is a wide range of companies, industries and cap size. This would be in a cash account and looking for capital gains over the next 3 years. I'm okay with lots of risk in this account.
Read Answer Asked by Kevin on November 29, 2023
Q: Can you please provide thoughts on ATH Athabasca oil? I purchased the stock earlier this year taking advantage of the dips in prices of oil stocks that seemed unjustified at the time.

I initiated this particlar name at 0.6% of the portfolio and it's now grown to be 1.2% of the portfolio. I have other oil and gas stocks TOU, ARX, CGE, and TVE. I'm not in a rush to sell ATH and the chart looks like it pretty much has free-air above it to go a lot higher... very little by way of chart resistance.

How do you look at the company given current circumstances? Add to it? Hold it? Trim it to not give away winnings?

Read Answer Asked by Marc on October 02, 2023
Q: i own the above stocks.i want to add one more, your favourite mid to small cap oil company for growth. dave
Read Answer Asked by david on September 27, 2023
Q: i have listed some cdn oil companies, i own ath and cpg. my question is with oil at 91. none of the above companies or all cdn or u.s oil companies stock price even comes close to an oil price of 91., most are 25-30% below where they should be. they are coining so much cash it defies description.
why is this and will it ever change or is this the environment re oil and gas-dirty fuel etc we just have to live with. dave
Read Answer Asked by david on September 18, 2023