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Investment Q&A

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Q: I currently hold BTE at 1% weighting and thinking to switch to ENCC and add for up to 2% weighting for yield and diversity in energy sector. In your opinion, is this the better move, or would holding both at 1% weighting be the preferred option? In an RSP seeking yield with some growth.


Read Answer Asked by Tony on March 10, 2023

Q: Hello Peter & Team,

With global liquid fuels production expected to increase by over a million barrels per day in both 2023 & 24, would you be bullish on new positions in the O&G sector. And if so, which would be your recommended name(s) based on growth with some dividend?
I am considering BTE & CNQ.

Thanks for all you do?


Read Answer Asked by Gord on January 20, 2023

Q: Looking for what top 3 oil & gas recommendations you would have. Growth and appreciation over the next 2-3 years.

Read Answer Asked by Christopher on January 12, 2023


Which three of the above fourteen oil & gas stocks would you sell first to bring my sector allocation back to my normal weight? This is assuming 100 WTI oil in 2023. Could you also provide a brief reason for each of the three stocks that you would get rid of first. Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Steven on November 04, 2022

Q: I have no strictly energy companies and I am thinking of starting positions is TVE, MEG, and BTE. I would appreciate your comments on these as a good place to start building an energy position.

Read Answer Asked by Dennis on November 01, 2022

Q: what are the current annual percentages of dividend, debt and free cash flow yield for each of these companies. use as many question credits as needed

Read Answer Asked by hal on September 06, 2022

Q: What would be your order of preference between Baytex, Headwater, Tamarack, Nuvista, and Cardinal and why?

Read Answer Asked by Robert on August 15, 2022

Q: How would you classify the above stocks as to gas or oil. Thanks

Read Answer Asked by Michael on August 09, 2022

Q: Hi. I own these oil stocks and have to get rid of two or three. Which three would you sell first and in what order? Thanks Paul

Read Answer Asked by Paul on July 29, 2022

Q: i am negative on above 5 companies. Do you recommend I keep all 5 or should I sell all or some, resp. sell and replace with other companies in the sector, such as Whitecap, Parex, SU and others?

I am primarily looking for growth.

Alternatively to energy companies what are the best Canadian growth companies you recommend. Thanks. Klaus

Read Answer Asked by Klaus on July 22, 2022

Q: Please rate these energy companies in order of your best choice for growth in the next 2 years.

Read Answer Asked by Terry on June 30, 2022

Q: Hi Team,
TOI has had a rough couple days. Today as of writing down another 5%. At $62 a share today would you consider this a great buy? Is there any news that is making the stock drop extra bad today compared to some other tech stocks that are rallying some today? Also...even though oil is more in favour in todays market, would you consider selling some of either WCP, BTE, or TVE to buy into TOI weakness? And would you consider TOI a better long term hold than an oil stock?Thanks


Read Answer Asked by Shane on June 16, 2022