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Investment Q&A

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Q: What would be your order of preference between Baytex, Headwater, Tamarack, Nuvista, and Cardinal and why?

Read Answer Asked by Robert on August 15, 2022

Q: Please rate these energy companies in order of your best choice for growth in the next 2 years.

Read Answer Asked by Terry on June 30, 2022

Q: Can I please get your outlook on the energy sector, and the holdings above- how would you rank them for a 1 year hold, would the ranking change for a 5 year hold?
There is the view that energy will come back to represent a larger % of the index again.

Read Answer Asked by Kyle on June 09, 2022

Q: I'm looking for some Canadian companies that can benefit from the current oil shortage in the world. My research has turned up CJ, ERF, MEG, and NVA. Would you please rank them best to worst in terms of potental upside. As you can see, I'm looking for good growth going forward. If you can think of other possiblilties I would appreciate your choices. Also, do you see any major flaws with the companies I've indicated I would appreciate your opinions.

Read Answer Asked by Les on March 07, 2022

Q: I hold ERF, NVA, ARX, TVE, GXE, and VET in the "play money" part of my portfolio and I'm certainly benefiting from and enjoying the large increases but I know all good things must end and sometimes quite abruptly.

Are there a couple of key indicators I should be particularly watching for that it's time to get out of all of these quickly before I give up all my easy gains?

Thank you,


Read Answer Asked by John on March 03, 2022

Q: Interested to purchase mid-cap oil companies. I have narrowed down to the following: NVA, HWX, CJ, KEL and TVE. Please provide opinions and/or rankings for the five oil stocks.

Read Answer Asked by Ernie on January 09, 2022

Q: Could you please recommend your top picks for the energy sector- top 2-3 large cap exposure and top 2-3 smaller cap.
Also what is your view overall for the 3-5 year outlook of the sector in general
Thank you!

Read Answer Asked by Kyle on November 25, 2021

Q: I have what I call a mini portfolio of higher risk stocks in addition to my portfolio of diversified quality portfolio.
I presently hold ATE, AKU, PNG. I want to add 3 oil stocks to this portfolio. Thinking maybe, VET, MEG and NVA. Opinion. Any other likely candidates in the smal/mid cap. Candidates should be less than $5 and a good hedge position to protect them over the next 6 months.

Read Answer Asked by Roy on April 07, 2020

Q: In a relatively prolonged and deep recession,for each grouping of companies,please list in order from least likely to most likely to go bankrupt.

Read Answer Asked by maurice on March 27, 2020

Q: In a recent answer to a question on an oil company, you mentioned that it is hard to be optimistic on a company if you don't like the management team. So my question is, which of the management teams in the oil sector would you want to align yourself with, and why? Alternatively, which of the management teams would you not align yourself with? Please deduct as many credits as necessary to fully answer my question. Thank You.

Read Answer Asked by dean on November 22, 2019

Q: Hi 5iR Team, TD puts out a monthly consolidated report of its stock coverage universe. In the Sept. 30th report I looked at their Junior/Intermediate O&G stocks. I noticed that if I arbitrarily picked an upside % of 70% i.e. current price and TD's Target Price there were 13 stocks. The lowest was TOG at 70% upside and the highest NVA at 152%. In addition, some of the stocks like WCP and FRU are yielding 8%+. For me as an investor this is compelling data. Lastly, reading further into the report TD's O&G sector thinking as stated by their senior analyst is not Bullish. In other words TD does not appear to be exaggerating the facts, attempting to make some case for investors buying O&G stocks.........but the analysts in the field certainly feel incredibly positive on a number of Junior/Intermediate names.
How do I sort this out??
What would be 5iR's top Jr/Int. O&G picks?
Thanks team. Cheers, Chris

Read Answer Asked by Chris on November 19, 2019

Q: Looking forward to fall gas trade.
Looking for some small or midsize gas producers that have access to the Alliance Pipeline. Could you suggest 2 or 3 good gas stocks to buy and hold to Xmas. Would Bonavista be one.
Thank you for your response.

Read Answer Asked by judy on September 15, 2017