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Q: Hi Guys,
I submitted this question last week so not sure if it didn't go through or just got lost in the shuffle. The question is as follows: I am concerned about the oil and gas industry going into a prolonged down pricing environment. Can you rank these companies in terms of balance sheet strength and their ability to withstand a prolonged downturn? Can you also speak on if any of these would be in significant financial trouble (e.g. - bankruptcy) over a prolonged downturn?

Read Answer Asked by dean on November 26, 2018

Q: my question is as follows, every analyst and pundit i follow says this market downturn will not end until we have a massive flushout day where sellers are exhausted on huge volume with the vix at 30 or so, this has not happened yet so why do you tell members to buy anything, why not just tell them to wait.furthermore going back until 1940 no downturn has ever ended without this flush out.
second question, and i asked this before your five favorites stocks for the next year, i think you had largo, gc, i get these 2 and you had covalon, i was surprised with covalon, do you know something we do not, also could you add 2 more if possible.
and last question oil is so beaten up it seems like it is the ultimate value play, no new capacity, opec might cut ,refineries coming out of maintenance, winter is upon us,so why so negative, i own bte and bir, based on the fact oiland gas has to go higher, and the stocks are priced like oil is 25 bucks.your opinion. take 3credits thanks dave

Read Answer Asked by David on November 21, 2018
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