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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: TOY reported recent QTR with quite good numbers and future quildance and considering DC issues are the past. Stock reacted well towards $41 and recently stepped back to $35 range.
Do you see any issues here considering management not meeting promises in the past, how do you rate TOY is this a good hold to reach its old glory price range in the 60 or its a dump, if so what will you replace with.

Read Answer Asked by Francis on March 23, 2021

Q: Hello,
I already own these stocks. I am doing some selling / trimming / buying and would appreciate your comments:
DSG - I did well. Exposure at the high end but ok. How confident are you in the name for the next few years? If sold partially, I would allocated to KXS of TIXT. Your thoughts?
TOY - Do you like it more with momentum as of late? Decent long term hold or good time to sell at these level?
REAL - I am down about 25% but small position. I was thinking of adding at these level (or sell since position not big enough). It would be a long term hold. Your thoughts?
NFI - Hold or sell?
Fortis - Would you add at these level?
Thank you,

Read Answer Asked by Pierre on March 04, 2021

Q: Could I get suggestions for long term dividend paying stocks for a young investor to add to these stocks.

Read Answer Asked by Roy on December 03, 2020

Q: Hello 5i Team,

I am holding fairly large position for a while on TOY and down 20%, they will have thier ER report upcoming soon, given TOY ER history with most of the time disappointments with excuses, except that last ER had some encouragement from mgmt that things were improving both on top line and DC operation side. Could you highlight your thoughts going into ER, street seems to be cautious given the selling last few days.

Read Answer Asked by Francis on October 15, 2020

Q: These are my biggest losers across my accounts. What are their prospects? Are any worth keeping, or is just time to move on? I donít mind some risk, but donít want to hold the hopeless ones any longer.

Read Answer Asked by Leonard on August 19, 2020

Q: I am still holding Spin Master and hoping to recoup my substantial loss ($42 per share cost). I was my own fault being hesitation to sell when 5i removed it from the portfolio. It`s share price has recovered nicely from the low.
Please evaluate the current status of the company and recommend buy, sell or hold. Thank you for your great service.

Read Answer Asked by Bill on August 04, 2020

Q: My TFSA is about 2% of my portfolio value. Should I invest in just 1 stock or should I diversify and buy about 5 different stocks? I purchased 5 stocks last year and most are down considerably since March. (NFI, SIS, TOY).

Read Answer Asked by Roger on June 25, 2020

Q: The above stocks are big losers in an unregistered account. Can you please recommend which ones to hold on to and which ones to sell. Any worth adding to?

Read Answer Asked by LOIS on May 06, 2020