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Review of WiLan Inc

NOV 17, 2015 - A shift in strategy, cut in dividend and confusing signals have led us to downgrade and drop coverage of WIN. There is some potential here based on valuation for patient, more speculative investors. Rating downgraded to 'C+'. Dropping coverage.

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Q: how do you view the latest earnings? on the surface they seem poor given the lumpiness of their Wi-Lan division. With a search for a new CEO on, and dividend cut, things don't look so good but I do see a healthy $500 million backlog in their electronic road tolling division. I would consider this a hold esp given their $57 million cash on hand. What is your opinion?

Read Answer Asked by Neelesh on May 11, 2023

Q: Hi Team
What are your feelings about these 2 stocks Qtrh has taken a beating the last week, all I can see is that the ceo has resigned or has been fired. I don't see this as such a negative, since the stock has not fared well. They always babble about a spin-off, but nothing happens
Cfx is also down, I know that they closed some plants, how does the future look?

Read Answer Asked by auftar on March 28, 2023
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