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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hi,

I trust that you are well.

I have the unflattering distinction of having been in the markets for at least twenty years and I have missed every fortune-making opportunity during that time. Examples: railways, Amazon, Google, Apple, cannabis, crypto (to a lesser extent), Microsoft, Berkshire, Canadian banks, telecoms, Shopify, CSU and anything else that had a great run (and continues to have a great run). You name it, I missed it.

It would be refreshing to bring this proto-Maple-Leafean losing streak to an end. So,
perhaps you could suggest some industries that are going to be big. Perhaps you could suggest some young Microsofts or the like living amongst us.

Also, would you comment on FLT.V? Do you this company is worth taking a flyer on?
Do you think the drone delivery industry is going to take off? I don't even need it to really take off. I just need there to be at least one gust of retail enthusiasm to keep industry valuations aloft for a bit.

I saw Mark Rober video about drone usage in an African country. He seems to think it is a very effective delivery method.

I am going to make an executive decision here, and ask all 5i staff to drop everything and dig deep into this industry and provide a report which: 1) estimates the likelihood of drone delivery being the next big thing 2) suggest some names to invest in.

Yours kindly,

Read Answer Asked by D on April 13, 2023
Q: Iím invested for the long term. Do you view any of these names as no longer holding any long term potential?
Read Answer Asked by Curtis on March 22, 2023
Q: Hello 5i,
Could you please rank these companies from a growth perspective for a higher risk portion of my portfolio? Also maybe brief comments on the four highest ranked?
Thank you
Read Answer Asked by Dave on March 07, 2023
Q: What are some "swing for the fences", i.e. high risk but potentially high reward, ideas on your radar at the moment. Looking for U.S./Canada ideas regardless of sector. Thank you!
Read Answer Asked by Andrew on February 21, 2023
Q: Can you provide a list of a few microcaps, smallcaps, both us/cdn that could rocket up with a recovery in the economy. Thanks 5i for all you do
Read Answer Asked by Geoff on January 12, 2023
Q: I noticed that your position on Google has changed in the past couple of months. Previously, you were always recommending it as #1 stock for growth/risk combination, lately I don't see this recommendation anymore. At the moment, it is the worst performing stock in my portfolio and I am down over USD $20K on it. Unfortunately, it's in TFSA portfolio, so I cannot sell and claim cap loss. Do you still believe in bright future for Google considering the challenges (e.g. Microsoft combining efforts with Open AI to integrate chatGPT in Bing and challenge Google search dominance and, by proxy, ad revenue)? Considering that the stock is held in TFSA, would you keep it or sell and replace with something else? If you recommend selling, please list your suggestions. What is your current recommendation on the US market for better growth/risk equilibrium? Thanks!
Read Answer Asked by Michael on January 09, 2023
Q: Over the past two years with the downturn of the market, I am down significantly with majority of these holdings in various accounts. I have a long-term 10+ year outlook, so looking to see if you feel any of these can be sold off given the outlook, management of the company? If so, what are your recommendations for a growth investor in either CAD/US stock options?

Read Answer Asked by Andrew on January 04, 2023
Q: In one of your recent answers you said, "the small mid cap tech and industry and pharma sectors in the US are the places to be". Could you please give some specific names that would fall in those categories? Thank you
Read Answer Asked by Neil on December 05, 2022