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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I have held KRBN in a registered account since early 2022. At the end of last year they paid out a huge dividend representing about 20%. I recall being very surprised at the time and couldnít really find a lot of info or a clear explanation. Could you shed some light on why the fund paid out such a large dividend last year and is this a regular occurrence that can be expected again at the end of this year?
Read Answer Asked by Steven on November 09, 2023
Q: Hey Guys,

- In this current environment, I know you are not betting people/advisors, But What in Your Opinion that Stands out as a Theme, Investment or Speculative Play that may be something to look at...
- Take speculative funds and invest in what?

Read Answer Asked by michael on October 03, 2023
Q: I recently read on article on the importance of decarbonization many years into the future.

Can you provide some companies you would currently recommend in order to profit from this secular growth theme.

Canadian or US company ideas please. Looking for companies to hold in an RRSP for many many years.

Thanks very much
Read Answer Asked by Thomas on March 16, 2023
Q: What are some "swing for the fences", i.e. high risk but potentially high reward, ideas on your radar at the moment. Looking for U.S./Canada ideas regardless of sector. Thank you!
Read Answer Asked by Andrew on February 21, 2023
Q: 5% of my RSP is allocated to a risky/riskier /max growth theme with FB, J, KRBN and NVDA right now. I am looking for 1 or 2 more additions. APPS, U, and CRWD are on my list of considerations. In theory, I could wait 5-10+ yrs for max growth, but knowing my personality, 3-4 yrs is more in line with my expectations. Pls suggest some recommendations (does not have to be from my list) - Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by David on April 29, 2022
Q: What is the best way to play energy decarbonization over the next decade? Hydrostor looks very interesting to me but is not public. Is there perhaps an indirect way to get involved?
Read Answer Asked by Jeff on April 27, 2022
Q: Hello friends,

I was watching KRBN for a good price to start a small position and participate in the global trend of reducing pollution. However, I've noticed that in the past couple of weeks the price went down hard and fast.

I couldn't come up with a better explanation for this downward trend other than, perhaps, the fund is inversely correlated with the price of oil. Do yo have a better explanation/reason for this trend?

Many thanks!
Read Answer Asked by Iulian on March 08, 2022
Q: Yesterday (Tuesday) I placed a bid to purchase KRBN at $41 that was filled at 3:47PM. Looking at the daily trading chart on any site shows that a big block trade went through right around then, but for the entire last 30 minutes of trading the price never seemed to stray outside of $42.25-$42.85. My order was for several even lots. I would just like to try and understand the trading that goes on behind what appears to be visible such that my buy could fill at a price of $41?

In addition, I am struggling with how to categorize this holding within my investment portfolio. As a ďnon-tangibleĒ commodity would you consider it within the energy sector? Materials? US or International? Your thoughts?
Read Answer Asked by Steven on March 02, 2022
Q: Please ignore if this has been asked by others, but let's say Mr. X challenges you to the same competition but for US stocks, and this time he let's you pick first. What are your picks?
Read Answer Asked by Rick on January 04, 2022
Q: I have been watching KraneShares Global Carbon ETF for a while now as an interesting investment with no correlation to the general market. It seems to do nothing but go up regardless of markets. I have been waiting for even a slight pullback that never seems to materialize and if I buy in at this point I feel like I would simply be chasing the hot money. Do you view this ETF appropriate for a long term hold or is it more for trading? How closely does it track the actual cost of carbon credits and does this correlation decay over time? Can it trade at a large premium or discount to the underlying moves in the cost of credits? I would really like a better understanding of this fund. Your thought and advice. Thanks.
Read Answer Asked by Steven on December 06, 2021