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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I currently have PFE, GILD, MDT and ABBV in my Healthcare sector. I am looking to add a couple of names - I have been looking at MRK and BMY - your opinion please on these AND can you provide some other US healthcare companies that might be of interest to you at this time. Greatly appreciate your comments.

Read Answer Asked by JOHN on October 06, 2020

Q: Could you provide your views on the following U.S. small caps and any other you consider having more promising growth ?

entg-q, exp-n, logi-q


Jacques IDS

Read Answer Asked by Jacques on September 30, 2020

Q: Hello 5i team,
I'm looking for small companies in the Science & Technology field.
Could you give me names in the Health/Bio/Med sector: 3 in US, 3 in Canada
Ditto in Tech/Soft/Serv?
Thanks and keep well

Read Answer Asked by Antoine on September 17, 2020

Q: Both GH and ILMN are held in diversified US Portfolio, with weightings of 2.36% and 2,22% respectively. I bought both with initial positions with the intention of adding on other positive future factors. After reading recent Q&A for these two companies, should I own both or just one and if just one, which one?.....thanks....Tom

Read Answer Asked by Tom on September 14, 2020

Q: I want to build a stock portfolio of US Tech/Healthcare Stocks today with 20 Stocks for the next 10 years with growth being the main driver preferably with low debt, what companies would you recommend. Thanks for your useful advice.

Read Answer Asked by Imtiaz on August 17, 2020

Q: I am looking at US Healthcare (with the exception of WELL), how would you rank these companies in when considering balance sheet, management, growth potential, and MOAT?



Read Answer Asked by Andrew on July 20, 2020

Q: Good morning team,

In a bit of a portfolio cleanup in my TFSA yesterday I sold some laggards and reduced my Shopify shares to bring it more in line with my targeted weighting. After completing Norbert's Gambit, I will be deploying the funds to buy US stocks. Please share your 2 or 3 favourite growth stocks for 5+ year hold in each of the following categories: Health Care, Communication Services, and other non-Tech (if you have more compelling options than those listed in Health and Comm Service).

Thanks in advance,

Read Answer Asked by Rory on July 16, 2020

Q: I own Abbvie and Stryker .What US healthcare company would you recommend to complement these holdings? Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Allen on July 14, 2020

Q: I have very little healthcare in my portfolio and also need to diversify geographically. There are so many opinions on what types of healthcare to invest in (drugs, medical devices (knees, hips), insurance, pharmacies, etc.) that I am struggling to jump in. What would be your top three healthcare related choices (outside Canada) to invest in for the long term.

Thank you for the great service you provide


Read Answer Asked by Sean on July 06, 2020

Q: Which 4 sectors do you think have the the strongest current momentum? Please give me 2 or 3 companies in each sector that you believe have the best chance to maintain their current upward trajectory. They can be either Canadian or American equities.

Read Answer Asked by Les on June 03, 2020

Q: Good morning 5i, I am piggy backing off a recent question by James, but if you can disregard sector diversification and risk is also not an issue and main goal of course is capital appreciation.

"If you were starting a new account with 100k with a portfolio of 10 US equities, with a 10 year time frame, which 10 would you currently choose?"

Read Answer Asked by Michael on June 03, 2020

Q: Hi!

I believe 5i has correctly stated in the past that in a recovery the bigger, stronger names will bounce earlier and more powerfully than smaller and perhaps more speculative names. Companies like TTD and TEAM have either bounced or held up better than names like RUBI or YEXT which fits your comments. SHOP vs LSPD in Canada would be another example. My question is not about these names specifically but if you could please list 4-5 names in the USA space that are well capitalized (can survive) and undervalued (haven't bounced like you might have thought yet). I am not looking for value stocks but growth themed stocks that have been unfairly punished or neglected in the recovery.
Thanks so much!

Read Answer Asked by Tim on April 28, 2020

Q: Good Morning

Iím looking to add some US exposure. I currently have Guardant, Roku and Alteryx. Regardless of sector what would recommend for a long term hold.?

Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Marty on April 24, 2020