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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: What are your thoughts on EXPI latest earnings report? Was there anything of particular interest on the conference call (either positive or negative)? The stock has been punished with interest rate hikes impacting real estate markets. Does it look like a company that will do well when it comes out of this and real estate picks up or have the fundamentals and story changed here? Is this an add while its down, hold and do nothing, or time to move onto other higher conviction names (please suggest any). Currently held in TFSA so no opportunity to claim a loss (down 70%, currently less than 1% weighting due to drop). Thanks so much!

Read Answer Asked by Justin on March 03, 2023

Q: Can you please comment on quarterly earnings report. Was there anything of particular interest on the conference call (either positive or negative)? Currently down 64% and has dropped to .7% of total holdings. If this was in one of your model portfolios: which portfolio would you have it in, what size of allocation would you be targeting, and would you consider adding to its position in the next monthly member udpate?

Read Answer Asked by Justin on August 05, 2022

Q: Hey Team, thanks for holding strong during this rough time to be a portfolio manager. I have one ticket to add to the above list that didn't show up in your database, its EVVTY (Evolution Gaming) out of Stockholm. Anyway I consider many of these to be high quality compounders, with strong mgmt teams. Could you rank for me which companies you would add to now? Or if anyones you would avoid, let me know. Thx

Read Answer Asked by Adam on July 13, 2022

Q: For aggressive growth investors what 5 small/mid cap stocks in the U.S. are you bullish on right now. Lots of time on my side.

Read Answer Asked by Curtis on July 04, 2022

Q: Hello 5i Team,

I'm down considerably in these US stocks in a taxable account: APPS, DIS, DXCM, EXPI, FB, NET, NFLX, U, and UPST.

I would like to crystallize some losses.

Could you please suggest:

1. The stocks I should sell outright (and suggest a replacement);

2. The stocks I should sell and then re-buy in 30 days (and suggest a proxy); and

3. The stocks I should continue to hold.

Feel free to subtract as many credits as required.

Thank you for your valuable advice!

Read Answer Asked by Keith on June 13, 2022

Q: These stocks are in my portfolio and are way down from my cost. Are these worth holding, adding more or to sell and move on.

As these are in my non-registered account, I can use the capital loss to offset previous year year's gains. Could you suggest proxy for these in case I sell now for capital loss to buy them later.

Read Answer Asked by satish on June 10, 2022

Q: You recently quoted some growth stocks at 18 x earnings with net cash on hand.

A. Are you insinuating that there is a "value" aspect to growth stocks?
B. Please name your top 5 growth stocks as defined



Read Answer Asked by Ernest on May 30, 2022

Q: I am down significantly in these stocks. Are any of these outright sell or add to average down. I am not panicking yet and ok to hold for some time. Your opinion please. Thanks

Read Answer Asked by satish on May 02, 2022

Q: I'm looking for tax-loss proxy suggestions for the above names. Thank you!

Read Answer Asked by Andrew on April 18, 2022

Q: With the chaos in the US market in Q1 2022, im considering adding some quality growth names to my portfolio. Which US growth names do you think are attractively valued in the current market environment?

Read Answer Asked by Patrick on April 06, 2022

Q: The above companies have all fallen below 1.5% of my portfolio and I am looking to do some cleaning up. Could I get an add/sell/hold recommendation on them please?
Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Neil on March 29, 2022

Q: In line w/ sentiments expressed in the latest market update (thank you for that), would you put any of these names in the "likely beyond repair column"? Or do they all fall firmly in the "damaged but not broken" column?

Read Answer Asked by Andrew on March 08, 2022

Q: Hi team,

For new money what are your top names?

And which names are you watching closely to buy in another 10%?

Read Answer Asked by James on February 24, 2022

Q: Your top 10 US growth stocks please. Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Peter on February 17, 2022