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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Please give me your opinion on these three company's management team, growth prospects, debt levels, and current valuation. I am looking for a home run over the next two years for my more speculative part of the portfolio. Any other names you would prefer? Regards greg

Read Answer Asked by Greg on January 07, 2021

Q: Happy New Year to the 5i team.

I was hoping to get some feedback about how about to allocate about 11% of my total portfolio that is otherwise well-balanced and is made up of a mixture of Canadian dividend and large-cap stocks, and US and international ETF's.

These purchases will be in my TFSA and I am seeking greatest total return for the next 5-10 years. I am not afraid of risk but am also looking at sound investments rather than speculative purchases or quick trades.

I currently own GH, ISRG, LSPD and XBC and would like to add 4-5 more names. On my short list are the following: CRWD, MITK, ROKU, TTD, TT, U, VEEV and XYL.
Are there any from that list that you think match up well with my existing stocks? Alternatively, if you think there are better names that I haven't mentioned please advise.

Thanks in advance for all the great work you do,

Read Answer Asked by Rory on January 07, 2021

Q: I am 60 years old, and I don't need the upcoming major problems that the world central banks are creating lead to the destruction of my retirement. So I am diversifying.

I currently hold the traditional Canadian dividend paying stocks, growing exposure to Emerging market ETF's, Gold bullion / ETF, commodity stocks, Infrastructure / Renewable Energy via the Brookfields, a few big name US stocks, and now entering the crypto world.

Here is my question: I read a recent article on Cathie Wood - CEO of Ark Invest. She claims:

"Seeded during the tech and telecom bubble more than 20 years ago, the five main platforms of innovation that we think will transform the global economy are: DNA sequencing, robotics, energy storage, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology. These involve 14 technologies including gene therapies, 3D printing, cloud computing, big data analytics, and cryptocurrencies."

I already have a pension from a Robotics-related company, and I am investing in crypto. Do you have any recommendations for anything else from what she mentioned, in which you would share her outlook? I have both CAD and USD accounts. Could be company or ETF - big or small.


Read Answer Asked by James on January 05, 2021

Q: I have to trim a couple percent from healthcare. Can you please rank your order of preference for the above mentioned stocks? Would you sell one or balance the 5? Thanks

Read Answer Asked by Neil on December 31, 2020

Q: Peter and Team:
I need some exposure to the healthcare sector and my choices are very limited in Canada, especially when Johnathon doesn't want to play in the Chess Game presently. What are your favourite US names, and where does ABBVIE fit in to the puzzle? When I am typing a question, does it time out after so many minutes?

Read Answer Asked by BEN on December 31, 2020

Q: Hello Peter,
From what I have been reading: The cash positions within pension and other investment funds is at historically low levels. The trend over the past few weeks has been a shift from growth and technology to cyclical and value stocks.
On the flip side, the technology sector generally does well to start the new year.
I have done well with growth stocks mostly in the tech sector and have a couple of holdouts such as DXCM, AYX GH that have not performed. And I am also fully invested.
Should I look to raise cash by trimming my gains, which would be in tech, mostly US except for some CAD such as DSG, LSPD OTEX etc? Or, should I sell the growth holdouts for cash? Should I even raise cash and invest in cyclicals and value such as TT, RTX, US financials or any other you may suggest. Or should I just ride the growth portfolio into January and spring of 2021?
Looking for your magic eight ball answer.

Read Answer Asked by Rajiv on December 18, 2020

Q: Could you rank the US Healthcare stocks + WELL in terms of management, balance sheet, and long-term growth prospective? Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Andrew on December 17, 2020

Q: Hi, current in my portfolio of 13 stocks + 2 ETF I have some good performing stocks that are > 5% position, TXN is 10.3%, DIS is 8.40%, EWZS is 9.37% and ADM is 8.54%. 25% of my holdings are in TECH (3 stocks + 1 etf). Do you feel comfortable with keeping these stocks with current positions or could I trim it to reduce risk ? I don't have many exposure to financials and consumer cyclical sectors. Can you suggest me growth stocks in these 2 sectors in US and CAN ? In healthcare I have only ABBV, I would like to have other good options here for growth and medium risk. I have +20 years horizon.

Read Answer Asked by Clayton on November 27, 2020

Q: My portfolio is a little out of balance when it comes to healthcare stocks.

I am considering: WELL.CA, VEEV.US, GH:US, SYK.US, BIIB.US, ABBV:US, AMGN:US. (I already own IHI and BAX)
Are there others that you would add to the list?
Is there an ETF that you would recommend?
Could you please rank the above stocks with regards to 3-5 year hold?
I sold my position in GUD about a year ago.


Read Answer Asked by Brian on November 10, 2020

Q: Hi group what's your top 4 sectors /stocks/etfs in the US assuming Biden is going to the white house the market seems to like the set up with Biden winning but Senate going to republicans Thanks for your insight

Read Answer Asked by Terence on November 06, 2020

Q: RE; Healthcare,
I currently have a limited amount of healthcare exposure in my portfolio and looking to build the allocation. I hold some MDT in my US account, I have been adding to that holding on dips. I would appreciate hearing your favourite US and Canadian healthcare stocks.. Please provide your top choices for US and Canada plus any particular ETF's you like in the healthcare sector. Thank you, Patrick

Read Answer Asked by Patrick on November 02, 2020

Q: Could you please provide a few growth names on U.S. or CAN market you would buy with new money today?

Read Answer Asked by Curtis on October 26, 2020

Q: hi group I asked a question on bio tech last Wed - no response as of yet ? - please follow up. The question was do you like the sector/ and what ETFs /top 3 individual stocks do you recommend thanks

Read Answer Asked by Terence on October 19, 2020

Q: I am looking for US health exposure (growth) and was considering GH, VEEV, TDOC. I already own ZUH, XHC, IBB, IHI. Would you suggest adding to what I already own or would you buy 1 or all 3 of GH, VEEV, TDOC. If you have other recommendations, please include the stocks.
Thanks for your service

Read Answer Asked by Ozzie on October 08, 2020