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Investment Q&A

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Q: since guardant announced their earnings one month ago, increased their guidance, earnings were excellent, stock hit a 110, since then it has cratered big time from 110 to 80 in one month on no news, i exited at 96 with a small profit. it was too painful to watch.
my question is there has to be some reason, maybe their drug trials are not working as well as people think, something, a short report, etc nothing craters like this on no news.i can always buy it back but this is insanity. dave

Read Answer Asked by david on September 05, 2019

Q: Regarding Guardiant Health Care which I am typing out the full name as I'm getting a little tired of doing searches on Gamehost to see all the information.... In a a balanced but slightly leaning toward conservative portfolio how much weight should a speculative stock like this be ? I'm thinking on 3.3 % with no other stock quite in that risk factor....{ other than a 1.2% position in TSGI which is about to get the boot } .

Read Answer Asked by Garth on August 15, 2019

Q: My understanding is that both GH (Guardant Health) and BYND (Beyond Meat) of these are expensive stocks priced a lofty levels. However, based on the comments I have seen, 5i seems to be positive on GH but negative on BYND. I know these are different sectors and very different companies, but don't think you that the "expensive" label would apply to both?

Read Answer Asked by Mike on July 09, 2019