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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hi,

The last time you were asked for your thoughts about BB was a few months ago when it was trading for a shade over $12, and you rated it as one of your least attractive.

Have your thoughts changed after it has shed further 30% of its price?

I sold a small holding at ~$27.00 in Jan21 (after getting in at ~$13 in '18) during its meme-stock craze. I think it's susceptible to another such a run-up, given its legitimately-sexy reputation/past performance.

Question: Does BB's current price justify re-initiating a I-don't-care-if-it-goes-to-zero position of 3% of my otherwise-conservative portfolio (50% defensive, 30% cash, 20% fixed income)?

Thanks, and please keep up the good work.

Read Answer Asked by William on March 08, 2022

Q: Hello team, from the list above could you please rank in order to:
1> Keep and or add for full position or
2> Sell now & move on, and
3> what would you replace the sale positions with?

Read Answer Asked by Carlo on November 15, 2021

Q: I owned Blackberry shares earlier in the year, but ended up selling in June after the stock had reached $20 per share. I had previously purchased around $10 per share earlier in the year. The share price as been in a downward fall since the meme spikes. I was considering opening another position if the stock slides below $10 again. Do you see that as a good entry point? Would you say that Blackberry still has longer term potential?

Read Answer Asked by Stephen on July 28, 2021

Q: is there on ETF you recommend that invests primarily in the cybersecurity industry? if so name the companies and their percentage representation in the portfolio thanks Richard

Read Answer Asked by richard on June 07, 2021

Q: Hi 5i,

Thanks for your fast response. Now I understand BB become one of the MEME stocks, so it will expect short-squeeze due to the short-lived. In your opinion, do you think it can drive away market manipulators? Do you think it is healthy? If I were those "big predators", I will never touch BB in the further. In this situation who will win?

Read Answer Asked by ma on June 04, 2021

Q: What do you make of another short squeeze on blackberry. Why is this company involved in a Reddit squeeze? Is it not a company that was on the verge of bankruptcy like GameStop and Amc.
Only 9 percent is shorted. Where do you see this playing out in the next week? I own BB on its own merit but the short squeeze has me wondering whether I should take the money and run.

Read Answer Asked by Helen on June 02, 2021

Q: Hello. I am a new subscriber and this is my first question. I have been "practicing" self directed investing for the past year with about 20% of my registered assets. I think I have a pretty good grip on the basics and am now ready to move ahead and invest the balance of my assets into the market. I am going to use your portfolio construction recommendations as a guideline. According to the plan, I am already heavy in # of stocks and lack solid allocation and diversification. The stocks I listed are the ones that are dragging down the portfolio and for the most part do not belong in the mix. If I sell now all the losses seem to be quite significant representing approx. 3.5% of my current portfolio of stocks and about 1.3% of my total available assets. I have the option of holding on hoping for recovery and using other cash to strengthen my good positions and add to more diversified positions. Or should I simply sell and move on with a clean slate to re-build the portfolio?

Read Answer Asked by Robert on May 07, 2021

Q: Hi 5i Team
Please advise why Brookfield Renewable Resources is getting pummeled and please advise of your opinion of Pivotree and Blackberry's contribution to the electric car/ autonomous car future. All companies are on the TSX
Thank You and I hope everyone is staying safe

Read Answer Asked by JORDAN on March 08, 2021

Q: Dear 5i
Is the projected earnings growth for these three stocks high enough to be worth investing in ? CTS hasn`t done much in the past year but looks encouraging for 2021 . Qcom seems to have momentum and is likely a good 5G play . BB has developed some business relationships with other companies that should drive growth . Would you invest in any of these at this time ?
Bill C

Read Answer Asked by Bill on February 25, 2021