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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hello, My loss on these stocks varies from 25% to 65%.. As I get ready for year end losses, which ones may have some life? and which ones to sell.
Read Answer Asked by Carlo on August 29, 2022
Q: Hi 5i,

Thanks for your fast response. Now I understand BB become one of the MEME stocks, so it will expect short-squeeze due to the short-lived. In your opinion, do you think it can drive away market manipulators? Do you think it is healthy? If I were those "big predators", I will never touch BB in the further. In this situation who will win?
Read Answer Asked by ma on June 04, 2021
Q: How long of notice do these short squeezed companies have to give to issue new shares and shore up the balance sheet? If AMC was to issue new shares at the elevated price it would be a win for them. I see executives are cashing shares in - why not? I would.
Read Answer Asked by Terry on February 01, 2021
Q: Hi, I was wondering what's your opinion with the deal between Amazon and Blackberry? Do you think Blackberry IVY could become a essential in the auto industry? This new platform seem to be the missing part for traditionnal OEM to be able to compete with Tesla, and it would be high margins and recurrent sales for multiple year for BB. Maybe also possibilities to expend this business outside auto market ? Do you suggest a buy for a long term perspective?
Read Answer Asked by Yannick on December 07, 2020