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Q: Hello , following is my list of losers .. and I am assessing which ones to sell this month for YE capital loss. I appreciate your comments.

As an aside; in watching the huge drop in some of these stocks, one certainly wonders about the wisdom of their CEO's ... as an example META, they are spending billions on Metaverse so that people can work and play and interact in virtual reality .. maybe in the year 2050 !!. and many others that just didn't adopt their businesses to people post Covid returning to work and shop at malls... truly incompetent .. For me, this crash has convinced me to buy shares in companies that are making money and have a strong management team.

Thank you
Carlo R.

Read Answer Asked by Carlo on November 07, 2022

Q: Hoping that your easter was/is enjoyable

I have received shares in the subject stocks and want to decide to add to them creating a partial position going forward. My two questions(oe each) is do I sell these stocks outright at my zero cost or do I consider adding into the position. They both are trading at attractive levels, have analysts' projected earnings increase but do not pay a dividend. Your wise thoughts and any recommendations please

Read Answer Asked by Peter on April 18, 2022
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