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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Can you suggest companies right now to pick away at ,or would you wait a bit longer till tax loss season is over.
please 5 in the US and 5 in Canada.
If dividend is important which 3 stocks would you pick away at right now?

Read Answer Asked by Josh on December 06, 2021

Q: Hello 5i - I recently took my first Air Canada flights ( six legs) in twenty months and it was not pretty. Delays, cancellations, frustrations at customer service and on. I realise that restarting a big operation like AC is a massive undertaking but I was left wondering if I shouldn't get rid of my shares and maybe come back another time. So, hold or sell? What do you think?

Read Answer Asked by alex on September 24, 2021

Q: Hello, I need to liquidate some of the stocks listed. Disregarding sector diversification, in what order should I do this? Thanks for your help.

Read Answer Asked by Keith on April 02, 2021

Q: Hi, I am looking to put some US funds into companies/sectors, which will benefit from the reopening of economy. I also read that small caps generally outperform when economy rebounds. Could you recommend some USD ETf's and few large cap US stocks, still trading below their pre pandemic levels in such sectors, in order of preference. Thank You

Read Answer Asked by rajeev on March 19, 2021

Q: Hello Peter, Ryan, and Team,

Wondering if you think it's still worth putting some money into the re-opening trade via one of the airlines. I'm considering reducing my position in REAL in order to do so. Although REAL is relatively cheap right now, its price trend is still moving lower. I know you like Southwest Airlines, but Air Canada's share price is nowhere near pre-pandemic levels, while LUV is already there. I have been reluctant to invest in the airlines, as I'm convinced that business travel will never return to the same levels. Many companies have finally realized it's often unnecessary and that cost-effective, technology-based alternatives are preferred. However, I think the pent-up leisure travel demand will likely make up for this on a short-term basis. Can I please have your thoughts?
Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Bradley on March 12, 2021